I wil need the garage space, so sadly I'm selling my precious.
Original 1zz MR2 Spyder with lots of parts and of upgrades, pristine condition 82K miles garage kept all he's life, family-owned original paint 1do silver, Florida car. garage queen maintained by me only. Not too sure about price but I've seen some in this condition go for more, so negociable.

Listing almost all upgrades below, can get back to stock easily, i include 99% all original stock parts on almost new condition like a set of headlights, taillights, original exhaust, frunk cover, etc.

Some upgrades and maintenance: (more than 6k worth of parts)
Bracing: Cusco front and rear struts brace, Magellan motorsport breastplate
Morimoto hid headlights with blue angel lights (aligned)
Carbon fiber front lip
Subaru spoiler
TRC (Germany) side skirts and bumper spats (extender)+ trc rear diffuser, C1 scoops matching
Led taillights (Midship garage CLP, i include a new set of originals too to get back to stock if you don't like the aesthetics)\
Backup camera, parking sensors.
Complete interior refinish with alcantara, leather and leather seats + leather shift boot and brake cover
New soft top (OEM)
Team moon Double exit Magnaflow exhaust(custom made)
Pioneer stereo Led
Front bumper sidelights
Rear backup high beam led light
Rexipow center console
Camry rearview mirror with garage opener and automatic dim
Lots of Spyderchat goodies (includingfg some dev bushing and cyclkehead armrest + handles kit).
New ATC clutch kit (clutch started to get soft at 78k),
New tires (attrezzo and Nito) 5k miles on them,
New cat (used with 25k on it)
All fluids flushed and replaced, oil changed every 4k miles with synthetic and OEM filter done by me, does not consume any oil. timing belt + tensioner replaced in January21 Precat removed at 12.000 miles in perfect shape, picture attached, this is the major flaw with this cars and was addressed early, engine will last forever.

No accidents ever. daily driver. New fuel pump,brakes, new tires, And many others I don't remember. Car is well maintained by me, perfect condition, bring to year 2021 technology without any major mods

I have a code for downstream sensor P139 intermittent, i replace the O2 senser with denso, but still show from time to time. (does not affect performance),
2 small dents on the front side from rocks and 1 in the rear left, otherwise paint is shiny and immaculate,

hope i can find a new home for my baby, so i thought to offer it here first as this forum has been my support group and my go to parts/issues for ever..