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Looking to sell very soon: 2000 MR2 Spyder MINOR MODS 110,000 miles in BAY AREA, CA

Black 2000 MR2 Spyder with close to 110,000 miles. Clean title. 4th owner. Garaged most of its life.

- Small chips in the bumper
- Minor scratches on engine hood
- Small scratch by passenger door handle due to vandalism - will be repaired before sale
- Dent on passenger door handle due to vandalism - will be repaired before sale
- Weird repair on driver's door - will be repaired before sale
- JDM Rear Wing Spoiler
- JDM Grey Air Vents
- JDM Radio Antennae
- Convertible top in great condition
- Recently restored headlights
- Stock rims

- Great shape - non-leather seats
- EVERYTHING ORIGINAL except center console (cracked like 80% of them do) - replaced it with a refurbished one (grey)
- Passenger window fIXED

Suspension and Chassis
- Chassis and arms in great shape
- TEIN Lowering Springs, original struts
- Camber bolts on rear 2 wheels
- Che front and rear bracing (2000 models don't have the bracing that the newer models have so I added these)
- Brakes in great shape with good amount of pads left - ABS
- JUST CHANGED TIRES to Falcons. Alignment done with it.

- Great shape - easily go for another 150,000 miles
- Just replaced spark plugs with NGK Iridiums
- Just added new K&N Air Filter (stock airbox)
- Just changed oil - Mobil 1 Synthetic - like we should all do, new oil filter every oil change. I change every 30-3500 even though it's synthetic
- Gutted CAT
- M2 Performance Exhaust (nice, but not obnoxious exhaust note)
- Uses 1 qt of oil every 2-3000 miles - normal for this year model
- Average 32MPG

- 5 Speed Manual
- Super smooth - just changed transmission fluid to Redline - best one out there - shifts like butter
- Clutch feels like new - no slippage

- Just changed power steering fluid with OEM Toyota Fluid
- I fixed the water drainage system that the previous owner tried to "fix" with a baseball - NO WATER FROM OUTSIDE LEAKS INSIDE AT ALL
- Will give you goodies e.g. convertible top dressing, Toyota Brake Fluid/Coolant/Power Steering Fluid

Car drives like it's new. Handling is amazing. Reliability is amazing - never let me down in the year that I've owned it. Serpentine belt changed last May. Went through a 100-pt inspection before I bought it. Car is mechanically in GREAT shape - fluids all very healthy. I do my own work because I don't trust mechanics who don't care what they put in your car (have had bad experience with oil changes). Exterior needs work before I make the sale. Selling because I need to work on my parents house and require a truck. Just bought one and selling MR2 now, but in no rush.


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35,000 change oil? Your oil filter would clog up with that many miles.

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Obvs a typo you smartass.

- Passenger window fixed (never broken...had the child lock on woops)
- New set of tires (Falcons) with alignment - cost $560
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