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Hello fellow spyder chatters.

I am trying to gauge interest in the sale of my built 6mt transmission.

It is a matrix 6 speed with the Toyota helical LSD and the Kaaz 060 close ratio gear set.

I purchased the transmission 3 years ago after my 5mt blew up on the dyno. I was afraid of blowing this one up so I had a little work done. The transmission came with 6,000 miles on it. I had a professional shop, Delta transmission in Patchouge NY, install the KAAZ 060 gear set and a new Toyota factory helical LSD. They also changed ALL of the bearings and seals. It cost me a freaking fortune but everything worked out and the trans is solid with no clunking or ticking what so ever. The KAAZ gears are stronger than stock so they are going to be more resistant to stress caused by heat and track or heavy street use.

The ONLY reason I am going to sell this trans is because the close ratios really aren’t ideal for my turbo set up. This is perfect for the track, I drive 100% on the street. The best option for me now is to start over.

Here is a price break down:
Trans- $1000
Gears- $2600
LSD- $500
Seals & bearings- $300
Labor- $500.

So as I mentioned, It cost me a fortune. This is before MWR offered the MKII transmission and install kit.:bash: :eusa_doh:

I’ve had it in the car for 3 years now and put about 1500 miles on it if that. The car is just a weekend cruiser. Not beat, not tracked, not put on a dyno- babied. Unfortunately I barely drove it in the last 3 years due to work and life (got married).

I would like to get $2500 for it.

The trans is still in the car as I save for another transmission. If you want this, I could have it out in 2 days and arrange for pick-up or ship it shortly after.

You can PM me, write me an email – [email protected]. Or call me- 917-647-6836

Thank you

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