I am gauging interest in possibly parting my Spyder. Needs a repaint and may just go back to "stock" and sell it as close to OEM as possible. Looking for a chassis to do a kswap track build, and this one is too nice for that (2001 84k miles, one owner until late last year when I got it). I don't need to sell any of this, but because the car will have to come apart for a proper repaint, now is the only time it would make any sense. Tons of rare parts, some I've never even seen in the US before (this is Spyder #6 for me, I've parted a much larger build before and been on here 20 years). Here is the potential list on prices I'd be looking for, I'm negotiable on some, and some I'd be totally fine keeping for future use, but there is probably someone who wants them. Pictures will be added over the weekend most likely. Pickup preferred as most items are large, buyer covers shipping if shipping.

SOLD OEM Hardtop with mounts, etc (needs paint, clearcoat totally gone on a 3P0 car) - Looking for ~$2750 (pickup only, I have no interest in shipping this) SOLD

OEM TRD Stage 1 kit, no spoiler as PO sold spoiler and replaced with another (still has the oem black molding trim, also should get a respray, one small crack in front lip, easily fixed when painted) - Looking for $2000 (yes, it's a lot, but there aren't any)

TRD Front Strut Brace, TRD Rear Strut Brace, TRD Front Under bracing, TRD rear lower braces - $1750 for the set (roughly the going rate of the 3, and its the whole set in one place)

JDM Door Sills (used, but clean up well, no gouges etc) - $350 (haven't seen any for sale in a while, pretty sure they were around this ~5 yrs ago)

JDM Brushed Aluminum Rearview Mirror Cover (MR-S script, never seen this in person anywhere before) - $300?? (They were something like $220-50 new back in 2001, plus shipping from JapanParts. I've never seen one cross the marketplace, and I can't find them listed anywhere anymore for even a reference, call it a guesstimate)

Postert Rear Spoiler (Needs paint, been on car for well over 15 yrs, no noticeable dings/damage/scrapes) - $500 (These were rare and hard to come by and expensive back in the 00s, and certainly haven't seen one resold, so just a guesstimate)

Team Moon Dual Exhaust (used, on car, seems totally fine, tips never added, NO SHIPPING) - $350

Autpower Roll Bar (4pt mount on storage door/top frame bar corner, works with soft top, currently off car) - $425 (has kirkey padding on it, and pre cut trim panels for the sides/seatbelt areas. Will work for most auto-x and FATT/HPDE track days, but I would not call this a truly structural roll bar a la Hard Dog or for regulated series. I also would not call this a style bar and it does add some rigidity as well)

4 16x7 Rota Slipstreams in Bronze (3 Rota "CF" centercaps) with 205/16 Sumitomot HTRzII 6-7/32 tread depth - $600

I think that's everything, and not really looking to separate the Lip kit pieces or the TRD braces. Please give me time to respond but I will check this/PMs daily. Text me 703 565 7785 for faster response/pics.