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Post the following information

Phone #:
Service Rep:

Rating: - not sure what scale to use.. let me know and I'll up date this

ok A - F +/- also will be rating


Andrew Toyota
Milwaukee, WI
414 228-6226
Mike Cooper

Rating: Whatever you decide is the highest. A+

Absolutely first class, and they know the car. At least they haven't suggested a tire rotation.

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Thomason Toyota
Gladstone (Portland), Oregon
Mike Mitchel, Service Manager
Rusty (Mechanic - ask for him specificaly!)

Rating: Exceptional. A+ Rusty and Mike love the car and have taken the time to learn all about it.

Schaeffer's Import Auto
2878 Daisy Rd.
Woodbine, MD 21797

Rating: A+

This is an independent shop in Howard County, MD that specializes in Honda and Toyota. Absolutely the best quality work you could want and great prices, but quite busy a lot of the time. It can be busy a lot of the time, but guess why. They haven't gotten to work on many MR2s compared to the huge market of Integras'n'such.

Name: Folsom Lake Toyota
Location: Folsom, CA
Phone #: 916-355-1500
Service Rep: Robert Rogers (Service Manager)
Rating: A

Despite all the problems we have been having with our car lately Folsom Lake Toyota has been very helpful to us... they get things done quickly and keep us informed along the way... only downfall is they don't know the car all that well... but they get onto that toyota service helpline and get the info they need.


Great Service Shop and Parts Department

Name: Freehold Toyota
Location: Freehold, NJ
Phone#: 732.409.0904 Service
732.409.7496 Parts
Service Rep: Rich Mootz (Parts & Service Director)
Mike Buro (Parts Manager)
Rating: A+

Arguably the most customer-oriented and TRD-knowledgeable staff on the East Coast. Service shop follows the rule of fixing things right the first time and following directions first and turning wrenches next, not the other way around. They offer convenient hours and also represent at select events on Raceway Park's (Englishtown, NJ) import schedule.

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Hamer Toyota
Mission Hills (San Fernando Valley), Ca
Ask for Peter Fernandez (Asst. Service Manager and handler of preowned cars)
Phone #: 818-365-9621
Rating: High "B" maybe mid-low "A"

Metro Toyota
13775 Brookpark Rd
Cleveland, Ohio
Ask for Todd -he's the only one that touches my car and know's what he's doing or will find out. Also makes sure not to scratch or mark it. ans. all questions.

also takes care of my rav in the same manner and used a fix that toyota could not solve, but was suggested on rav world website

Sunnyside Toyota
North Olmsted, OH 44070
Mechanic: Steve

I do not know Steve's last name, but he has gone above and beyond to address my water pump, timing belt tensioner, manifold (precat failure), and short block replacements. Also, since I am the only one so far in NE Ohio to report these problems, you will not have to go through any convinvcing process with the service managers if you go here.

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Chuck Hutton Toyota
1710 East Brooks Road
Memphis, TN 38116
Phone: 901-345-3200

Anthony (I think) was the rep.


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Beaverton Toyota 503 626 7200
4300 S.W. Murray RD
Beaverton, OR. 97005
Greg Hoffman - Svc Writer

They've replaced several 1ZZ's in MRIII's due to failed cat/oilrings.
I think I was the 1st one they'd done and had to talk to the district manager (Doug?) before they'd move past the "gotta do an oil consumption test" but that was a short talk.
I'd give em a "B" because they needed convincing and charged me $100 bucks for a rear end alignment after swapping in engine #3.

Name: Fred Anderson Toyota
Location: Highway 70 between Raleigh and Durham, NC
Phone #: 919-787-0999
Service Rep: Julian Dark

Rating: Pass

There are 3 very large Toyota Dealers in the Triangle. Fred is the only one you need to go to.
My first time there was wonderful (stretched cable). The second time there was a bit more involved, but most everything worked out in the end. I was told I was their first engine replacement, so that may account for some of the mis-steps I experienced along the way.

Here's the deal, like it or not: You own an unusual car. The same rules that apply to the salesmen apply to the mechanics. They HAVE to know Corollas and Camrys to make a living. Spyders just do not make up that much of their business, so you WILL NEED TO BE PROACTIVE when your baby goes into the shop. I wish it weren't so, but it is.

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Re: servicing costs? and Tyre Rotation??

Originally posted by pink_bubbles
hi, sorry to sound like an airhead, but what exactly is 'rotating the tyres' and why dont we let garages do this to our precious spyders???
ive only owned my 2000 spyder for 6 days now, so im slowly learning!
I also need to know how much it should cost me for a servce on the car, its 3 yr warranty has just expired, but it only has 14K miles on the clock. It has a clear history, so what should i expect to pay?
How often do i replace oil?!
Any replies would be greatly appreciated!
Lisa -x-

The reason for not being able to rotate the tires is because the tires are different sizes and all have a specific rotation direction, unlike most cars where all 4 tires are the same size and rotate either way.
I replace my oil every 3000 miles. The Brits seems to do it less often than we do here in the states for some reason. The recommended oil change duration is every 5000 miles according to Toyota. That should be fine, but I'm a little more anal than most. Also, the oil seems to start getting significantly darker at around 3000 miles, if that means anything.

Also, to stay on Topic:

Marietta Toyota
Marietta, GA

Overall Rating B+

I would describe their service as adequate, but not exceptional. They service several Spyders, so I'm confident they won't make the jacking error. The only complaint I have is that the actual service garage is across the street from the service manager office, so you don't get to watch them servicing your car to make sure they did it right. Also, they did try to charge me for a service that included oil and filter change plus tire rotation. I was able to clear it up that they did not rotate the tires. (I checked and they didn't thank god.)

Name: Jim Barkley Toyota
Location: Asheville, NC
Phone #: 828-667-8888
Service Rep: Carla, Darvin, or Gerald
Sales: Arron Surles

Rating: - A+

This is the only car dealership that I have EVER trusted. Their prices are reasonable, their service is excellent, and their word is bond.

Name: Capital Toyota
Location: Chattanooga, TN
Rating: D

These guys try to rip you off in any way possible, and also take forever to do any work. They did it with my '00 Celica GT-S, and would no doubt do it to my '02 MR-S.

Name: Toyota of Cleveland
Location: Cleveland, TN
Service Rep: Vicki Towe
Rating: A

These guys know what they are doing. If you are in the Chattanooga area, go see them for problems!

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Name: Millennium Toyota
Location: Hempsted - Long Island NY
Phone #: 516 505 0800
Service Rep: Angel Fernandez
Mechanic: Hal

Service Rating: A+

Name: Wesbusy Toyota
Location: Westbury - Long Island NY

Service Rating: F- Worst dealership/service depart I've ever had the displeasure of dealing with, do NOT bring your car here for any reason.[/b]
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