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Lol looks like fun where you from I am in BC
That was out by Stony Plain in AB, you can google Roy's Lake NASCC and it pops up. I think there's around 6-10 Spyders in Edmonton based on some members here and what I've seen driving around

I'm thinking of moving to Montana, and have been wondering how much fun the MR2 would be ice/snow racing.
It was tons of fun, I had an instructor that races a Cayman during the summer so he knew how to help me get better at driving and I ended up chasing down a lot of cars during the open lapping times. With the Hakka 10s (studded winters) the car handles the ice like a champ and is relatively easy to recover when you overcook the turns. Though I may have hit the snow bank after sending it a bit too hard and cracked one of the mounting points of the shitty fibreglass bumper :LOL:
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