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I'm looking at a 2000 MR2 and I do not know if I should buy it.
It has 62k miles. I was told it only burns half a quart between oil changes, but when I looked at the car and checked the oil, the dipstick had none on it.
The valve cover seals "leak in" he said. At one point i noticed a little smoke, maybe from the seals leaking?
It has a paint job with overspray everywhere.
He has removed the precats and installed an aftermarket header. The original cat was removed as well. So It just goes straight from the engine into a thrush weld muffler. Its extremely loud. He said since there is not cat that is why the check engine light is on.
The top has two little tears on each corners by the bottom that he said do not leak.
It also has a short shifter installed. It is very hard to move the shifter. It feels very tight. He said it was because of the short shifter?
He wanted 5300 for it, and this morning he told me he could drop it down to 4200
I'm just looking for advice as to whether I should buy it or not. I know these engines have oil burning issues. It just worries me that when I checkd the oil, there was none on the dipstick.

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Sloppy paint job could be hiding crash repairs. "No oil" is not consistent with 1/2 Qt per oil change. Did he drive 40,000 miles on one oil change? Smoking is bad. Stiff shifter could be something simple, or it could be clutch or transmission problems. I think you should pass on this car. 100K mile spyders with no glaring problems are around for $6000-$8000.
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