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So I'm 20. After re-giving my final exams I managed to pass to university (I study Biomedical Sciences in the field of Radiology). So after I saved some money and my parents added 1000€ more (the spyder's I found cost near 3.500-4.500 for cars with mileage 90.000-150.000) I finally can get my own car. I don't care many stuff in my daily life but like how I can fit luggages when I go to a trip with my gf. I saw some custom bags. Do they fit enough stuff for like 5 day vacations? View attachment 82029 View attachment 82030
The problem is you saying "with my GF." When that passenger seat is empty, I have lots of room for luggage!!

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Went down to the coast today.
Taking Mountain Girl to the Ikea. A for me humongously large mother´s day present. Sunday, yesterday, was mother´s day here in Spain.
Traving down the mountains over the rural twisties..

first the Dutch shop; large shopping bag full.
Then Lidl; large shopping bag ánd a small one.
Then.... Ikea :-X

As much as the place unsettles me, I hád to go and as Rocky says; ´a man´s gotta go when a man´s gotta go´.
Sort of happy, because very relieved there was no queue for the men´s toilets as the ladies was some 30 women long.
Mán did thát put me on the wrong foot.
I pulled open a door and....

´Can you pass me some paper please...´

I think it is called a Drölby.

Anyway, Mountain Girl bought what she wanted; among an assortment of smaller things a toilet seat I dubbed Böreströnd.
Thus another two bags and a box; luckily flat.

From there to the Makro.
Several 5 kg. bags of coffee (for Bubbly too remember), several trays of Trappist bottles, fat pack of huge tortillas etcetera.

The car súcked it up. No need for Mountain Girl to store a bag in the footwell, nothing under the bonnet. I call that having no luggage space issue.

Next was romantic lunch at the beach:

View attachment 3

Yes, I know. It´s a tough job but sómebody has to do it...

Needless to say that the little Toyota behaved like a dream.
Traffic at the coast, congested roundabouts near the Lidl, finding parking space at the boulevard, shopping, romantic intermezzo, enjoying the drive down and back over country roads.
All this downright frugal with the fossil stuff. Cannót imagine a better car for this.
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