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Thought it might be helpful to consolidate all of the questions and concerns regarding this popular mod. Just finished mine (thanks Jamie) and thought I would try to make this addition painless.

First and foremost, the parts that are required are: Toyota part #

2 ea. 81555-17190 wiring harness*
1 ea. 81563-17231 body/bulb housing
1 ea. 81563-17191 "
1 ea. 81561-17230 lens*
1 ea. 81551-17190 "
2 ea. 81554-17140 gasket (between lens and body)
4 ea. 90981-13043 bulb (2 backup and 2 brake)
2 ea. 90981-15011 bulb (tail/brake double filament)
2 ea. 90981-11048 bulb (turn signal-amber)

*The wiring harness is identical to the 00-02 except for the turn signal plug and bulb. Could possibly retrofit and use old harnesses. Tail lens is same shape and looks like it will work on old housing, but will not.

These parts will be shipped separately, and only have to be snapped together, but don't forget the gasket in between. You can go by your old lights to match bulbs or:

Turn signal---top outside
Tail/brake----bottom outside
Backup-------top inside-----------Backup and brake are identical and
brake---------bottom inside ------have the same socket configuration

The old tail light assembly comes out by removing two 10mm bolts on top and then pulling the entire assembly toward the inside to disengage a small tip that is in a bottom alignment hole next to the outer fender. You can easily see this with a flashlight by looking towards the bottom outside of the assembly. It will take a little effort to pull away. DO NOT pull straight up, in that you will snap off the tip. Just pull sideways and wiggle it some. It should snap right out. Carefully pull the assembly up and out of the way. A little pressure on the bumper cover will give you room to wiggle out. Unplug the wiring harness.

Installing the new assembly is just the reverse. Plug in and check all lights. If you want to be on the safe side for bulb placement, do not assemble the lens cover first. Plug in the new harness (with bulbs and sockets placed in housing) and enlist some help in working the lights to verify that you are on course. You can snap the lens on last.

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This list might need to be updated. I can't find a 81563-17191 part number online. It might have been changed to 81553-17191 for the left rear bulb housing. Will be ordering soon so will update when I know.
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