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Howdy, all. Another little how-to/product review. This time, I'm installing floormat clips from a company called Eagle Klaw.

A little background: I bought pair of floormats off of Amazon, specifically these guys ->
I found out later, of course, that there is a slight variation between 01-02 floormats and 03-onward floormats. Why wouldn't there be? The passionate pursuit of perfection, and all that.

Anyways, the end effect is that the factory Toyota floormat hook is quite a bit too long for the floormat. I found this out after trying the Toyota part number 08210-00820 hook and realizing the floormat would have to be under the seat or hallway up the footrest to fit. So, I started looking for solutions.

I originally assumed the "new" floormat hook is a longer redesign and tried to find "original" floormat hooks that were shorter. This is when I found out the difference in floormats between the model years. No love there.

So, I started looking for universal fit options. I found the Eagle Klaw system pretty quickly and was rather impressed. It's a very good idea, in general, and not a bad fix for people with awkward floormat setups. Here's the installation and some opinions.

This is the kit. The star shaped pieced is hammered or stomped into the floor. The hooks catch on the padding and anchor the piece. The center is threaded and accepts the screw-looking piece you see there. There's also a washer to help with sliding.

Close up of the hooks. The Spyder probably has JUST enough padding for this product to work.

This is it all put together. The screw is holding the anchor to the floormat. You're supposed to hammer it in together like this but you may also hammer in the anchor first.

I ended up opting for the latter. I wanted to the anchor to fit right over the old hole for the factory hook and it's difficult to line everything up with the floormat in the way. You may be able to stomp it in but I just used a deadblow. You can see the original factory hole if you look through the middle of the anchor.

Initial installation. I wanted to line the hole up a little better so I unscrewed it and tried again.

There's about how it looks with everything centered up and tightened. I'm holding the floormat up in this shot.

Overall, I'd give the product a 6 or 7 out of 10. Maybe higher, depending on your preferences. I have a neurotic need to tighten any threaded fastener just a liiiiiiiittle biiiiit further. Ask me how many water pumps I've ruined his way. These fasteners were no different and I ended up stripping out the first set. The smallest kit you can buy has enough for two, so I just put the other screw in. But keep that in mind.

The anchor is gonna' be the X factor for most people. The demos for the product show the anchors as nigh-impossible to remove, when properly installed. They're hard but not impossible to remove on the Spyder. Think of the hardest to peel orange you've ever peeled. That's about how hard it is to remove the anchor on the Spyder (maybe a touch harder). So, the floormat probably won't ever go anywhere but it's semi-permanent, at best.

I ended up ordering a 4-pack. Just in case I ever pull the anchor out by mistake or strip the fastener again. I doubt the former will happen. But I did end up stripping the second fastener (a little) and want to replace it. If you don't have a near-suicidal drive to over tighten things, you might just want the two pack. It should be said, you will be able to tighten them enough to keep the floormats from moving.
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