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Howdy, all. So, another little how-to/product review. This time it's Eagle Klaw floormat clips, as seen here on Amazon:

So, a few weeks ago, I got a couple of "generic" floormats to replace the dirty and fading factory Toyota floormats. The ones I got are here:

First off, these fit very well. If you're thinking of getting new mats, these aren't bad replacements. The one thing they don't have, however, is a properly positioned hole for the floormat hook. I found this out when I tried to install a new floormat hook from Toyota. This is the 08210-00820 part number hook. Long story short, the floormat either has to be way forward or way back to get the hook through the hole. Not a viable solution.

So, I started looking for a generic solution. Enter the Eagle Klaw. The basic premise is you hammer an anchor into your flooring that has a threaded hole in the center. You then place the floormat over the anchor and use a supplied screw type clip to secure the floormat to the anchor. This will make more sense with the pictures, so here we go.

This is the kit. The star shaped piece you see is the anchor. This is hammered into the flooring and relies on the padding/sound deadening to get a grip.

This is the anchor hammered into the flooring. I used a deadblow instead of stomping it, which is what the install guide first recommends. I positioned it right over the hole in the flooring and the grommet doesn't seem to inhibit it.

This is the anchor with the fastener screwed into it. As you can see, the clip sandwiches the floormat between itself and the anchor to hold it in place.

This is the whole thing installed. I loosened the screw up a little to center it over the grommet and retightened.

This is more what it looks like now.

So, the big thing for most people is going to be the anchor. I grips well but it can definitely be removed. Think of the hardest to peel orange you've ever had to peel. Then maybe double that. I think the Spyder's carpet is juuuuuust thick enough to work. Consider this semi-permanent (which any floormat anchor should be, I suppose). The promotional videos show it as extremely difficult to remove and demonstrate it by tugging and pulling the floormats pretty hard. Ours will probably not be quite like that but it definitely stands up to day-to-day use.

Also, he threaded fastener is good but don't over-tighten it. They can definitely be stripped and then they're ruined. Get it to where the floormat doesn't move and stop. I have a neurotic need to tighten anything just a liiiiiiiiittle biiiiiiiit more, so this one is more on me. Also, the anchors can only be removed and reinstalled a few times before their hooks start snapping. Again, not a huge deal, but it's something to remember during install.

I went ahead and ordered the 4 pack, just so I have spares in case he anchor ever fails or I strip another fastener. Overall, the product is a 7 or 8 out of ten. It works and it looks good.
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