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I need Greddy eManage Ultimate assistance please

so i was driving along with my emanage blue and boomslang harness setup one day when it died and wouldnt restart. so i unlplugged the harness and plugged the factory harness back into the factory ecu and disconnected my waste gate actuator so i wouldnt run boost and was on my marry way. i checked the harness with a dvom and found no issues. since im a believer in upgrading not replacing i got my hands on an ultimate. I took the boomslang harness and cut the greddy connectors from it and redid the harness with the addition of the third connector following another leads setup.

ECU connector E2

+B (Ignition Power (ECU Power)) Pin 16 Black +B Splice Red wire

ECU connector E3

I (RPM input signal) Pin 27 White Tach Splice Brown wire
SPD (Vehicle Speed signal) Pin 22 Violet/White SPD Cut wire. Light Blue/Yellow to ECU and Brown/Yellow to sensor

ECU connector E4
Connect the water temp signal. Intake temp signal is eliminated to be able to use the knock signal instead.

Ne (Crank Angle Signal) Pin 16 White Ne+ Splice Grey/White
G (Cam Angle Signal) Pin 15 White G2 Splice Grey/Black
W (Water Temp Signal) Pin 14 Red/Blue THW Splice Blue/Yellow
Ar (Airflow1 Voltage) Pin 11 Violet VG Cut wire. Green to ECU and White to sensor
Th (Throttle position sensor) Pin 23 Yellow/Green VTA Splice Grey
A (Intake temp Signal) NOT USED
E (Ground (ECU Ground)) Pin 17 Brown E1 Splice Black

ECU connector E5

#1 (Injector CH1) Pin 1 Black/White #10 Cut wire. Blue/Red to ECU and Blue/Grey to Injector
#2 (Injector CH2) Pin 2 Black #20 Cut wire. Orange/Red to ECU and Orange/Grey to Injector
#3 (Injector CH3) Pin 3 Blue #30 Cut wire. Yellow/Red to ECU and Yellow/Grey to Injector
#4 (Injector CH4) Pin 4 White #40 Cut wire. Purple/Red to ECU and Purple/Grey to Injector
t1 (Ignition CH1) Pin 10 Black IGT1 Cut wire. Blue/White to ECU and Blue/Black to Coil
t3 (Ignition CH2) Pin 12 Blue/White IGT3 Cut wire. Orange/White to ECU and Orange/Black to Coil
t4 (Ignition CH3) Pin 13 Blue IGT4 Cut wire. Yellow/White to ECU and Yellow/Black to Coil
t2 (Ignition CH4) Pin 11 Blue IGT2 Cut wire. Purple/White to ECU and Purple/Black to Coil
#E (Injector Ground) Pin 21 White/Black E01 Splice Black/Red

Kn (Knock Signal 2) Pin 27 Black KNK1 Splice Purple/Yellow

Jumper Settings

JP1 Open (Injector Map to trim and add fuel)
JP2 Open (Injector Map to trim and add fuel)
JP3 Open (Injector Map to trim and add fuel)
JP4 Open (Injector Map to trim and add fuel)
JP5 Open (Not used)
JP6 Open (Not used)
JP7 1-2 (Ignition signal is pull down type)
JP8 2-3 (12 volt System)
JP9 Open (Airflow sensor signal increases as airflow increases)
JP10 Open (Not used)
JP11 Open (Open when using Greddy MAP sensor or A/F sensor)
JP12 Open (Open when using Greddy MAP sensor or A/F sensor)
JP13 1-2 (1-2 used to read water temp)
JP14 Open (Open to read knock signal)
JP15 1-2 (1-2 tach signal normal type)
JP16 Open (Not used)
JP17 Open (Not used)
JP18 Open (Not used)
JP19 Open (Not used)
JP20 Open (Not used)

after doing so i plug the unit into the car and my laptop and installed the newest software (v2.2). i put in the motor type. added a greddy map sensor and turned it on in the fpanel tab. I set the old injectors to 260 with .61 lag and the new ones to 410 with .69 (per MWR web site). I uploaded the settings to the unit. the car cranks fires and dies. when viewing the live map it appears that i have all signals.
Any ideas?

Also if someone could get me a map to start tuning from for a 2000 fspd with a gt28 turbo, factory maf on suction side, greddy map sensor, intercooler, 380cc (410cc) injectors, (i can set my boost to what ever the map is for starters) so i can check all my settings or see if it will atleast start and ryun.

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It’s odd for an emanage blue to just stop working. I would really look over that harness make sure that a possible issue that maybe stopped the EMB from working isn’t still causing problems. Could just be an exposed wire.

I haven’t looked at the setup jumpers in several years, but yours sounds right.

Software version 2.3 is available on the trust-power web site.

Can’t help you with the map, not running a turbo.

One cool thing you can do with an EMU is use two separate fuel maps. I use both; one based a MAF voltage, the second based on manifold pressure.

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I have checked and double checked all my wired visually and with a meter and found no issues. And the car starts and runs fine when the factory harness is plugged into the factory computer.
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