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Idaho Spring Drive. April 15, 2012

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What: It's been a long time since we've gone on a proper drive. We'll take the same route we usually take. Idaho Falls, ID to Jackson Hole, WY and back. On the way there we'll go over the pass (weather permitting) and come back through Alpine.
When: Sunday, April 15th. Meet at 10:00am and leave around 10:15.
Where: Meeting at the Stinker Station on Yellowstone, in Idaho Falls, Idaho. We'll drive up to Jackson Hole and eat at the Snake River Brewing Company. On the way back we'll make a stop in Swan Valley, ID and get a square ice cream fix.
Who: Everyone and anyone.
Why: Because it's usually a pretty good time.

So this is essentially what the drive looks like. It's about 186 miles so make sure that if you're on some sort of weird fuel you have enough to make the trek.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This is by no means a race. Out of all the times we've done this I think we've managed to get away with only 2 or 3 people getting tickets and they were minor. You have to keep in mind that this is a decently large group of cars with varying degrees of modifications. A lot of this trip is outside of the state so there's a lot of reasons for the cops to be keeping an eye on us. If you can't keep your foot out of it and enjoy the drive, please stay home. All we need is one ass hat going 100+ for whatever reason and wrecking to ruin this for all of us. I like to see as many people as possible come out, but please, if you can't control yourself do not come. I have little to no tolerance for it as do most of the people on the drive.
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i would like to go but i have a shifter kart race that day
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