I have an Innovative passenger side mount for sale for the 1ZZ or 2ZZ as long as you have the passenger side bridge that fits the 1ZZ mount. This one is 60A hardness which they no longer sell.
It probably has less than 3k miles on the mount and my car has been garaged kept. It looks barely used as you can see from the picture. If you are under 250hp this would be ideal otherwise you need the 75A hardness which would be too hard in my opinion. The benefits of using this mount in conjunction with the other poly mounts is a very responsive take off and acceleration or anytime you get on it, and solid shifting that feels quicker without hesitation. The drawback is the car will vibrate some but mostly at idle and take off like most poly mounts. If I am not mistaken I believe Innovate has a life time replacement if the poly comes undone but I do not think that will happen as long as you are under 250hp.

The price is $50 plus shipping.
I should be able to fit this in a medium flat rate box for $15 to the total cost is $65 shipped. Payment is by PayPal.
PM me if you are interested.