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Is this 02 Spyder worth it?

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Hey everyone, the post is pretty tl;dr but bear with me guys :)

This is my first post but I've been lurking for a few months now. I've been looking into Spyders now for a while and have actually had at least 3 slip through my hands, due to mulltiple reasons. :(

I've found another Spyder, well to be exact this is the first Spyder I had actually gotten a chance to take a look at some while back. It's a 2002 Spyder with 110, 090 miles. The following is the link to the ad with the car.

The dealer is asking $8K for this "excellent conditioned "car. Wel like I mentioned before, I got a chance to actually go check out the car and it's far from excellent. After speaking to the dealer and addressing the issues I found (I'll describe these issues a bit later on) I can probably get the Spyder down to $5500-$6000, which seems decent but, hey, I'm not an expert on the value of these cars, not even close as they really do seem to fluctuate a lot between sellers so I'm just looking for some advice from some of you more knowledgeable folks out there.

The issues with the car are as follows.

1: According to the Carfax the car has been in one previous accident. There is some front end damage but it's more along the lines of a few hairline cracks along the right side of the front bumper and similar damage to the right headlight casing. I checked the frunk compartment and there doesn't seem to be any damage there so it only looks like I'd only have to replace the front bumper and the headlight casing.

2: The top needs replacing. There are 2 tears on the inside of the top. One each on the left and right sides, closer to what looks like the tops "support beam" (don't know what else I would call it) and the top is starting to separate from rear window with another 2 small tears around the top part of the window.

3: Sun damage + Cracked seats.

The dash and headlight casings are fairly discolored. They're fairly cosmetic issues so I don't seem them being that big of an issues to get replaced but the price of what it might cost bother me, mostly because I haven't really figured out how much it would cost to replace these parts yet, and the seats have quite a few cracks in them from wear and tear as well as sun damage.

I wasn't able to drive it yet due to the weather conditions at the time so I wasn't able to check it on that front but the engine sounded pretty good. Obviously just the "sound" of the engine isn't going to determine if it's good or not but at the very least it isn't making any weird noises lol.

Assuming it drives fine and the precats are still intact does this look like a good purchase for $5500-$6000 for me to then make the repairs? I plan on dropping a 2zz into it hopefully before October so the engine shouldn't be a huge problem, but I wouldn't want to run into any trouble before hand.

Sorry this is so tl;dr but I just want to get as much good insight as possible before I make any decision. I can also post pictures of everything if that will help.

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I would expect to see some damage beneath the frontbumper, as it is not "sitting" correctly. However, that would not be such a problem, the reason why I would let this one go would be the top. A good softtop is not cheap, and installing seems to be a biatch. So I would say it is a bit overpriced.

Also, it has "ears" (dev can help you out with that) and money must be floating in Florida.....:lol:

Because the coinholder is upside-down.....
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The tears on the inside are repairable (if they are the on the pieces I think your describing, it's on the attachment piece and not the actual cover correct?). If they are actually on the cover itself and not on an attachment piece then probably not repairable.

The tears on the back window are also repairable, there's been a few posts about those specific tears and several people have shown ways to fix them That area is quadruple layered vinyl (two folds of double layered vinyl) and the outside layer regularly splits.

As far as the front bumper damage, that would be an excuse for me to get an aftermarket one, or if you don't want aftermarket the damage isn't viewable from the pics so I imagine it wouldn't be that hard for a decent bodyshop to repair.

The main things I would look at would be the mechanical parts of it, 100k+ is a long time to drive around with precats in on an '02. Any funniness with the engine I would walk away from quick.
I noticed right away this car had been in an accident, before I read your post.

Front bumper sag.
Passenger side fender and bumper don't line up.

A bigger issue (to deal with) is on the drivers side. Directly under the intake, at the bottom of the car, there's an enormous dent, not (hopefully) from a front end collision. You're not going to replace it, that's the chassis.

Minor niggle, what's going on with the shift boot?

And finally, the most important thing, and the reason you should walk away.... the coin holder is installed upside down.
Check the jack lift points and make sure there is no body, seam separation. Front to back, the seam should be on height. If to you will see a white strip where the rocker panel has separated
Sorry I took so long to reply as I've been busy with work but after reviewing wheat everyone has said I think I'm going to pass on this car. It just seems like there are too much issues and possible problems with it. The fact that the coin holder is upside down doesn't help much

@Oldman. I was going to be driving the Spyder for roughly a 3-4 month time period before installing the 2zz so I didn't want to bother with getting one with a shot engine.

@cyclehead. I live in Ft. Lauderdale so I was hoping I wouldn't have had to go that far to get one as I'd seen quite a few in my area but I don't think that might be going anywhere so I'll definitely be looking into the ones you listed. Thanks!

@ Uncle Mush. I wish I could get that one, really been looking for a 03-05 model but VA's a bit out of my reach :(

Thanks again everyone for your input. :)
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