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It's almost that time of year -- when the leaves begin to change color, the air becomes crisp, and the ROAR of 100+ Toyota MR2's fill the twisty, windy roads of the lower Hudson Valley!

What: The Joe Pearlstein Memorial Bear Mountain MR2/Celica All-Trac Meet 2012
When: Saturday, 6 October 2012.
Where: Sheraton Crossroads, Mahwah, NJ

This is a FREE event -- consisting of a ~75 mile scenic drive through Harriman State Park and Storm King State Park, a show & shine event with trophies and prizes, and the opportunity to meet plenty of other Toyota MR2 / Celica AllTrac owners and fans.

This meet is an annual event first held in 1997 by Toyota MR2 owner Joe Pearlstein. At first, Joe invited a handful of his friends with Toyota MR2's who also appreciated his love for photography and the fall foilage by driving through the twisty roads of the Catskill mountains. Joe passed away several years ago, and the event has since become a memorial for Joe. We try to make it bigger and better every year.

Last year's event drew more than 100 vehicles!

Photos from 2011 event (1 of 3); (2 of 3) and (3 of 3).

Note: Due to the anticipated turnout for this event ONLY MR2s and Celica All-Tracs will be allowed to join the groups on the scenic drive.

POTENTIAL SPONSORS: If any vendors would like to get involved with this event, please contact me if I haven't already sent you an email.

Hotel Information:

Group Rate info for the Super 8 in Mahwah to be provided soon.

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What is the meet for?
The Joe Pearlstein Memorial Bear Mountain Meet is an event that was started by Joe Pearlstein in 1997 with a handful of MR2s. Since his passing, the event has become a memorial event to honor Joe. Joe was keen on spirited driving, enjoying the fall foliage, and photography.

Why should I come?
Because it is the largest MR2 meet in the Northeast. Expect to see over 100 MR2’s!!!

What happens at the Joe Pearlstein Memorial Bear Mountain Meet?
The Bear Mountain meet is a mix of a car show and a scenic drive. We meet at the starting point near the NY/NJ border, then take a short drive through some very spirited back roads before taking a break for lunch as well as have a Show & Shine event that is judged by the owners! There is also a prize ceremony held after the judging has commenced. At this point, we take another scenic drive over some more spirited roads while making our way to the top of Bear Mountain. We will watch the sun set here and then head to our final destination for dinner back near the Sheraton Crossroads.

Who is invited?
Anyone who is in an MR2 or Celica AllTrac! All participants must be in an MR2 or Alltrac for the scenic drive portion of the event. Due to the anticipated turnout, we can not allow other platforms to join the groups. This will be STRICTLY enforced. With 100+ cars, it becomes very difficult to organize various platforms.

How much does it cost?
NOTHING! Not including the purchase price of your MR2 or Celica Alltrac.

What should I bring with me?
Bring a full tank of gas and a mechanically sound MR2 or AllTrac. We don’t want any breakdowns so please make sure your vehicle is up to par. You will also need money for breakfast and lunch or you may bring food from home. You may also want to bring an FRS/GMRS two-way radio to be in contact with the other participants.

Please note that the Joe Pearlstein Memorial Bear Mountain Meet is conducted on public streets. All local traffic laws must be followed. The JPMBMM 2012 staff does not take responsibility nor is liable for any and all motor-vehicle incidences. This is a Rally, not a Race; please drive carefully.

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Super 8 in Mahwah (160 State Route 17 South; Mahwah, NJ 07430).

Room Type - Discount Rate* ("Best Available" rate w/cancellation up to 4pm on day of arrival)
1 Queen Bed - $59.49/night + tax ($69.99/night + tax)
1 King Bed - $67.99/night + tax ($79.99/night + tax)
2 Double Beds - $76.49/night + tax ($89.99/night + tax)

* This is a 15% discount (same as the non-cancelable advance purchase rate), but our rate will allow you to cancel your reservation any time up to 4pm on Wednesday, 3rd October without a penalty.

Call the hotel directly (201) 512-0800 and ask for the "Northeast MR2 Owners Club" rate.

The hotel manager, Jackie, will be happy to accomodate any special requests. She can also be reached by email at [email protected].

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Itinerary - All times are approximate.

9:00am: Arrive at Sheraton Crossroads
9:30am: Mandatory drivers’ meeting
10:00am: Group 1 departs Sheraton Crossroads
11:30am: Group 1 arrives at Woodbury Centre
• GPS: 60 Centre Drive, Central Valley, NY
11:30am to 3:00pm: Lunch / Show & Shine / Raffle at Woodbury Centre in Central Valley, NY
• Enjoy lunch at one of the restaurants at the shopping center.
• Make sure you have a full tank of gas for the rest of the scenic drive. There is a gas station across the street from the shopping center.
• Vote for your favorite MR2 / Celica All-Trac using the voting web app on your smart phone!
• Raffle tickets will be sold during this time, for prizes. Write your name / phone number on all tickets.
1:15pm: All Show & Shine votes and Raffle tickets must be turned in
1:30pm: Raffle winners chosen
2:15pm: Show & Shine winners announced and trophies awarded
2:55pm: Mandatory drivers’ meeting
3:00pm: Group 1 departs Woodbury Centre
4:10pm: Group 1 arrives at the top of Bear Mountain
• GPS: 200 Perkins Memorial Drive, Stony Point, NY
5:30pm: Meet concludes
6:30pm: Optional dinner at the Mason Jar BBQ restaurant in Mahwah, NJ
• GPS: 219 Ramapo Valley Road, Mahwah, NJ

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Wow. Sounds like a great event. I'm going to try to work something out with work.

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Told to wife I'll be going to this in October. She said sure that's fine. I doubt that's what she'l say the day I'm going to leave.

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1. Blurvision ( - Mark - 92T NY
2. ivyboy ( - Rich - 00 Spyder NJ
3. JDSingh ( - JD - 92T NY
4. Ranpastrana ( - Randy - 94T NJ
5. LTD36 ( - Mike - 91T NJ
6. MikeR2 ( - Mike - 92T NJ
7. 1SLOWpsst ( - Judd - 91T PA
8. Pun1208 ( - Pun - 93T NJ
9.MrSpeeder ( - Adam 94T NJ
10. tksmr2 ( - Todd 93T PA
11. Sundj01 ( -Jesse 91T LI NY , My Dad, Terry (no board name) 2002 Spyder, LI NY
12. WrenchswingeR ( - Keith - 91t
13. Mr2Secret ( - Travis - 91T LI, NY
14. Turboedtoys ( - Larry 91 NA - atlantic city nj, (hopefully bringing about 3 other mr2's with me)
15. Blue Bomber ( - Chris - 93 MR2T that's staying in FL_
16. DaveMush ( - Dave Mushynsky - 1991/2001 MR2V6 - Syracuse, NY
17. hendrix248 ( - Eric - 91NA - PA
18. Standingzen ( - Don - 88SC - Fairfield CT
19. samsilva007 ( - Sam - 91 MR2T, Westchester, NY_
20. samsilva007's Father (no account on forums) - Antonio - 92 MR2 N/A, Westchester, NY
21. TeamInnovative ( - Shaun 93 turbo - Utica, NY
22. Awaken ( - Steve - 92 N/A - Northern VA
23. Brutekiller787 ( - tom - 88 alltrac - lima,oh
24. Oldschoolwax ( _ Mike C. 85 AW - Glen Cove, NY
25. Luke_L ( - Luke - 93 N/A - West Seneca, NY
26. highvelocitymr2 ( -92na to gen3 turbo. Queens Ny
27. JozhGoober ( - Josh - 93T - Rome, NY
28. RockBaka ( - Peter - 92T - NJ
29. CyanicCypher ( - Leo - '03 Spyder - NJ
30. mr3 ( Erik 04 PGP spyder, Plymouth Mtg, PA

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Sh*t! I have a wedding to go to that day.......... :(
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