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Might as well post the build of one of my other cars on here. Most of this is just copied from what I posted elsewhere several years ago.

So I picked up this hatch back in 2007. Have done what seems like a crap load of work to it over the years, but its not to the quality I wish it was. Also still have yet to drive it but here is its transition so far.

How i got it.

Stripping it down

Used a heat gun and scrapper

Then some Simple Green and a few other chemicals mixed seemed to eat the rest of it off

Doing some body work to get the dent out of the side

Going to the audio shop to get some better sound deadening installed

Motors out

Some primer

Throwing some paint down. Arctic Frost Pearl from the TSX

Starting to get it back together

Close to running(just with a d15/d16y8)

Since i have recently totaled out my 05 RSX Type S, it will now be the donor car for my hatch. Which is what has led me to this site. :)

I plan on doing the swap sometime in the spring and just browsing and getting my ducks in a row before i tear the Civic back down. Besides, the Civic will have to get me through the winter so i can get the other car put back up in the garage.

From the time this was posted I got the car on the road, drove it to college for maybe 4 weeks and it developed a knock. Parked it to yank the engine out and it sat for another 5 years. During those 5 years I decided to rebuild the RSX to drive which brings us to spring 2016 when a deer ran into the side of it. This time I started tearing it apart before I could change my mind to make it a donor car again. So this past November (2016) I started ordering parts and yanking the RSX apart.

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Engine about ready to pull

Some of the parts

Engine out

I was keeping the Hatch stored in another garage, so went to check on it to make sure it was ready to move. Put a different set of wheels on it, the set that was on it were mostly flat.

On the trailer ready to roll

Tucked into its current home

Now the RSX is loaded up to go where the hatch was

Had to move the Spyder outside out of the way for all the swapping

First bath in probably 6 years

More parts came in

Took some pics of the current shape of the bay


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Current parts/mod list

Greddy SP2 Catback exhaust (this is 2 1/2" IIRC, will eventually be swapped for a 3")
Hybrid Racing Tucked Fuel lines
Hybrid Racing Fuel Rail
Hybrid Racing full size radiator
Hybrid Racing 10" Radiator Fan x2
Hybrid Racing Radiator hoses
Hybrid Racing Radiator hose clamps x4
Hybrid Racing Fuel Pressure Regulator
Hybrid Racing Fuel Pressure Guage
Hybrid Racing Intake
Hybrid Racing Ground Kit
Hasport EGK2 Mounts 70a
Skunk2 Alpha swap header
Hybrid Racing 70mm Throttle body
RBC manifold bored to match TB
Deatschwerks DW200 255lph Fuel pump
K-tuned Conversion Clutch Line
K-tuned Prefit heater hoses
K-tuned P/S removal kit
New OEM Oil Pump, Water Pump, Thermostat, all seals and gaskets
Haltech Platinum Pro Plugin ECU for 2005-06 RSX Type S
K-tuned Idle Air Assist Delete
Thermal Intake Manifold and TB Gaskets
Skunk2 Black Series Oil Cap

Gear set and LSD from 2013 Civic SI
K-Tuned Shifter Plate
Exedy Clutch Stg 1 Organic
Either going to use a Buddy Club Short shifter or the OEM RSX shifter
K-tuned Race Shifter cables
Skunk2 Shift knob

Brembo Blank Front and Rear rotors
Hawk HPS pads Front and Rear
Goodridge G-Stop SS brake lines
Rear GSR disk brake conversion
Karcepts hubs to accept OEM RSX axles
Beck Arnley Front lower control arms
Beck Arnley Inner and Outer Tie rod ends
S2000 Clutch master Cylinder
Acdelco Brake booster
Beck Arnley Brake Master Cylinder
Hardrace Adjustable Front upper control arms
Hardrace Compliance Bushings
KW V3 Coilovers
Function7 Billet Subframe brace
Function7 Billet Rear Lower Control Arms
Hardrace Rear camber kit
Hardrace Rear Toe kit
Blox Rigid Subframe collar kit
Blox S2k CMC Spacer

TYC Black housing headlights
PasswordJDM Smoked Amber corner lights and side markers
New OEM Floormats
OEM Armrest
A/C Delete ducting and firewall plug

Pretty much the main thing I have left to order is the conversion wiring harness.

2003 Toyota MR2 Spyder 2.0L Stroker
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I love a thread with Pics. Also love a hatch Civic.

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Nice build! I especially like the color blue you selected. I plan on eventually k swapping my spyder and painting it electric storm blue. (Toyota uses on the new RAV4 and other models)
Blue is my favorite color and I already had the Red Spyder, so the Civic needed a change.

As far as an update, not done anything recently. Filled in at work a little this past weekend and layed around the rest of it. I have been debating picking up a JDM ITR 5lug swap but it has been 2 weeks and still cant decide. Perks to doing the swap is a larger brake setup and it uses a 36mm axle nut, same at the RSX. So it will allow me to use my factory RSX axles for the swap. I already have Karcepts swap hubs, but I bought them discounted because they were messed up and after talking to some others I am leary using them. Plus with the 5lug I can be JDM kool yo!

Another thing I am trying to decide on is a brake line tuck. From the color change half of my brake lines in the engine bay are sprayed blue and it just looks like a mess. A brake line tuck runs the proportion valve inside the cabin of the car and gets everything off the firewall for a cleaner look. The clutch slave hard line is removed from the firewall for the swap also since the trans is now on the same side of the bay as the Master Cylinder. Also the fuel filter and sensor has been removed since the new fuel system uses an inline filter.

Current bay pic shows the brake booster and cylinder removed and the clutch master and hardline removed.

As you can see there is still some Red in the engine bay. Struggling with whether to send it to a body shop to have the bay repainted or not. The guy that painted the car for me only charged me for materials, so i'm not upset with its current shape....but it is something that will bother me later if I don't fix it.

Also dug under the dash and pulled out the AC system, replacement parts are on the way to convert it to a NON AC car.
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