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Kumho XS 225/50/16 (2) [SOLD] & Kumho XS 215/45/16 (2) [SOLD]

All tires sold have never been patched. No bulges or defects that I am aware of.

215/45/16 (2) $20 SOLD
Very little tread left all around, but the inside edges are flat in places. These are suitable for drifting, at best. I would not use for any other purpose. These are slightly larger in diamter than OEM-sized tires.

Shown on the right.

outside edge

225/50/16 (2) $80 SOLD
These tires are over-sized and will require ride height adjustment if installed.
These have ~75%+ of their tread left all around.

For reference, this is an rs3 at full tread.

Here they are installed on my car.
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