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Marcando pasos

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This morning got up early for a drive over back roads and cross come inland mountain passes before the touring tourists and/or cyclists get out there.
... and if signposted stick my car-toon decal on it :cool:

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and time for a nice cup of coffee before going back over the also nice inland route yet marked not of ´scenic interest´ marked.

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Another morning, another pass marked 8)

and after a job well done, a deserved coffee again

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Not ideal this morning ::)
The drive itself and the car, awesome, breathtaking, exhilerating.

Mountain Girl ´asked´ (read assumed; a la l´Oreal) that she was coming along.
Now, she can be as much fun as ´wolverine´ and the latter bit is unpredictable.
And as things go, she could not help herself when I stopped at the pass crossing.
When back at the farm she apologised. Like that unspoils the second half of the drive or reduced my anticipation of it. Referring back to ´l Oreal; no, nót worth it.
Ah well, relationships... Zennn. Better fill my glass; the drive was as good as it comes.

The venta where I stopped for a coffee, is a particularly nice one. Well above average good food at álmost pre-Covid prices. The lady owner is cheerful and always wants a walkaround the cabrio with a fun chat about it. Today she hollered a neighbour to come cross the road and see her new car. ´That Ferrari is yours?´
The only thing with the place is that she closes at 23.00 which is a bit absurd here with the cool of the night not starting to breeze in before 22.00. Something to keep in mind.

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So stickering is a thing to do in Spain. I sure loved my vacation there 4 years ago. We drove a huge Mercedes van to Ronda. One bridge there we had to pull the mirrors in. We started in Barcelona then Valencia, Granada, Marbella, Ronda, Sevilla then a train to Villa Moura Portugal train to Lisbon and flew back. Stopping for a goat herd one time.
Thanks for sharing. A pity you saw so much highway. Spain is a totally different from/on the ínside.
From Marbella up nót over the Ronda road but crossing the inner roads through the sierras... mán; different experience altogether. Could not do that with a large Mercedes van though, a Kei van would be better suited :ROFLMAO: Missed opportunity imo.

When the tourist high season is over, will go direccion Ronda. Have a few passes on the list in the Sierra de las Nieves, Sierra de Grazalema and crossing though westwards to the Parque Nacional los Alcornocales. Will probably book a hotel because the only 200 kms take the best part of a day of driving twisties. Unsure about taking c-company along. If I would then the who :rolleyes:

Here is a snapshot of a trip to Villaluenga del Rosario, buying some Queso Payoyo.
Took Málaga Girl. Good example. She is realy good company. Well educated, proper conversation, sexy, good looking. What is not to like? Getting it sideways ónce and I am on probation for the rest of the trip. To be alone or not to be alone. That is the question.

Ah, and the toilet paper roll holder in the local restaurant:

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first though coming week, one early moring, the Boquete de Zafarraya DJI DRONE - ZAFARRAYA PASS - EL BOQUETE DE ZAFARRAYA - MOUNTAINS OF SPAIN - YouTube
From here east crossing into Granada province, ALL twisties to the pass. Enjoy the view and ponder about the life of the Neanderthals whom lived in the cave here overlooking the Med. for 200.000 years!
Alas, no coffee as the two Ventas have not survived Covid.

So the switchbacks down to lake Viñuela. Thére a coffee.

Not going back up from there but taking a ´white´ road westwards and hook up to the roads used for the tarmac rally ´Subida Colmenar´ aka ´Montes de Málaga´.
Here some video of the faster/wider bit SUBIDA COLMENAR 2021(HD) - YouTube
There is very véry few traffic, so you can flog it but it still is open road so need to drive he next blind corner like there is a cyclist on the inside of your side and/or abuelo Manolo in his Santana truck pottering down the other side...
Right then maybe another coffee in the Venta Calwey. Thén work my way back up, over into the valley where I live.

Will go down from Catwey, stop at the Fuente de la Reina and then enjoy the double ´corbata´ curves: two 360 degree curves flowing over into basically one 720 degree corkscrew curve.

It is fun to be an ex racer pensioner with a stripped out spyder in the south of Spain :cool:
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I want to come back to Spain. Beautiful country. The sheep herd we waited for thankfully was not as big as the one in the DJI vid. It's a great thread growing here.
Did the stúnning route past the Boquete de Zafaraya.
Unfortunately no nice signpost to mark but wáy more cool than that was the missing gate to the former single track railway!

The narrow gauge railway track was removed decades ago and the ´path´ was resurfaced for atb cyclists and experienced mountain walkers. It passes higher op the cliff, some 30 meters under the mouth of the cave that was inhabited by Neanderthals for cénturies, possibly millennia, until some 45k years ago only.

Too good an opportunity to pass so.... up the ´railway´ track ;D
Was a bit of a challenge and then a bigger one still to túrn but managed ;D and could take a réally special photo:

Sky Hood Mountain Plant Vehicle

Here a picture nicked from the web to illustrate where the cave entry is located and why it is special I managed to get the MR2 thís close up there in the photo...

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This inspires me to do a tour journal. So cool. I’m not sure where in Texas I could drive that close to caves where ancient man dwelled. I seem to recall it is hiking only when you get to the park. From where I am the park is at least a 6 hour drive. As a kid I went on arrowhead hunts with my grandmother. I lasted about 15 minutes. None were added to their farm’s collection.
The Neanderthal cave is not réally as accessible as it appears from the picture. For one it is not allowed as it is ATB % walkers only and secondly proper 4x4 really. It is only that I did mány thousands of rally kms of caminos that I had a go. In all honesty I should not have as it was too narrow and turning around is best not dwelled on. In plain English it was an irresponsible thing to do but hey; ´it seemed a good idea at the time´ sums up quite a few of my cool adventures :cool:

Will go back but with my son´s camino beater and even leave that one at the start of the track. Don proper mountain shoes and rugged pants. A véry good friend is archeologist and she asked me to share some photos. Those always give a different impression than the ones in the scientific publications.
Four passes today but only óne safe to stop, tag, photograph :'(

Done some 450 kms, 395 of which secondary inland. Absolutely stúnning driving with hardly any traffic.

Two fairly large stretches, about 150 kms in all, are ´ruta de ciclistas´; cyclist route, with special right of way rules and limited max. speed during weekends/festive days between sunrise and sundown. One bit had been in the Vuelta de España this year and a different stretch was honoured by the Andalucian Vuelta. Today 5 cyclists in total on those bits, 2 on the rest.

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Precioso spyder. ¿Qué alerón es ese?, ¿has conseguido homologarlo? Compré uno universal de aliexpress y en efectivo hace falta taladrar y según lo que me han dicho no se puede homologar...
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