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Well I had my first ProSolo experience this past weekend. What a blast. Much more fun, and much more seat time than a normal national tour. I love the drag racing start and the back to back runs. I'll definately do another Pro when there is one near town.

I drove poorly most of the weekend, standing on my 1st two runs of the weekend. I ended up 17th/18th in class. Luckily I was drawn into the BONUS Elimination Challenge (name drawn out of a hat) made it through 3 rounds of elimination and won!

You all can see my ugly mug on - :lol:

Now onto the real MR2 story of the weekend. I have to congratulate Dave Rock AKA Sldnrck here on the forums. Came to the race with a pretty new to him car and did very well. He trophied and was only 1.1 sec back from the lead on what amounted to about 92 seconds of racing - check out the results on solo live timing or

Even though new to the MR2 camp, he is very knowledgable.


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