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Putting a feeler out there to see if there's interest in some parts I have collecting dust. I'm not interested in shipping, must be picked up. Everything is make an offer. Open to trades (headers? exhaust? what do you have?). Located 15 miles east of Cleveland. All MR2 parts are from a 2003 with a 6 speed.

HPU Pump - Condition unknown. Came on a car I recently bought, previous owner claims it was rebuilt but couldn't get the system to prime. I swapped to manual. I could hear the pump turn on, but the system never pressurized.

SMT Throttle Body - Good shape. Car ran fine.

GSA - Condition unknown, see pump issue above. Previous owner claims car was fully functional prior to HPU failure, but can't verify.

Really poor condition leather seat cushions. Used the frames to swap over celica seats. Have both passenger and driver seat and backrest. Passenger backrest is in moderately ok shape, everything else is questionable.

2000 GTS Celica front seat frames plus full back seat in gray vinyl. Really nice shape.

SMT shifter mechanism- All there. Doesn't look great. Maybe someone can use it.
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