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Alright, so I had quite a few stubborn cone marks from a year of autocrossing the car without really washing it more than once or twice. When I would wash it scrubbing with soap and water, waxing, and even claybar just wouldn't get rid of the marks. I actually thought they had rubbed through the paint and the black was now the bumper showing through.

Anyways I used Motul MotoWash (spray onto a microfiber cloth and scrub gently)... A bottle of this will last you a long time.

These are some before pictures (I wasn't counting on it working so I didn't take any today).

Look at the front corners where the arch meets the bumper.

Now, after shots.

Very happy with the results. The car is now ready for the new vinyls going on it and will look a lot better with the new magnetic numbers.
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