After successfully developing a strut bar for the MR2 spyders front that many users are already running successfully, I would like to introduce my new project to you that’s currently on preorder status.
Over the last few months i started to develop a race shifter for 1ZZ or 2ZZ spyders, its an direct replacement for the oem shifter.
All mechanical parts are CNC machined from aerospace aluminum, the base is made from stainless steel(TIG welded), all moving parts are equipped with high grade ball bearings or unibal bushings.
The complete moving mechanic got CAD simulated and prototyped successfully already, all parts got ordered or are in production already, delivery got timed for mid February.
The shifter comes with a conversion kit to change the oem shift cable end to an unibal one(including press in tooling).
The complete kit is priced at 700USD including shipping to the US other countries may vary.
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