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My spyder on Speedhunters

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My car made it on a speedhunters coverage :D

Download the wallpaper :p
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man what a crazy event, they need to do a feature on your car, not just snap one pic
Gatebil looks absurd. It's now on my automotive bucket list.
That is awesome ! u have the best spyder that i have seen !
I check the Speedhunters site quite frequently, as I love the photography, but I have to ask: why do the guys over there dress like snowboarding teenagers? There is a very eclectic mix of subjects too - from extreme rice through to performance-focused motorsport. Bizarre.
Iv just found my new desktop wallpaper :wub:
Iv just found my new desktop wallpaper :wub:
The car or the babe with the helmet on?
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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