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I recently replaced my door speakers with coaxial Polk speakers- even with the factory head unit, the sound was very good (also was using a Blitzsafe adapter and a Scosche iPod remote which made for a nice audio package). I recently went on vacation, visited with my 300ZX in South Carolina, realized the existing head unit was crap (Valor brand that the prior owner had installed) and had a new Pioneer DEH-P8400BH unit installed- loved it from the first time I played it- it has Bluetooth not only for audio streaming but also comes with the mic for Bluetooth phone use. For $189 when I bought it, it was a steal. I liked the unit so much, I bought one on Crutchfield for the same $189 shipped for my Spyder.

First, buying from Crutchfield was a great experience as included in the package was the Scosche single Din adapter plus the wiring harness to make installing this a snap. Please realize I have never installed an aftermarket radio, so I was a little intimidated, but read everything carefully and proceeded. I have to be honest, after installing this, I realized anyone with a little know how can do this project easily (on a 1-10 scale, I'll give this a 3 to 4, so pretty easy- as I've indicated on some of my other projects, if I can do it, anyone can). So first, a big :thumbsup: to Crutchfield for including everything, including the wiring diagram.

OK, here we go:
This is what we're installing

Here it is in the single DIN adapter (Scosche):

It comes with a harness that plugs into the back of the radio- what you need to do it connect the harness provided by Crutchfield to the radio harness with the new HU, and just follow the wiring diagram. What I did first was to just twist the wires together, tape them, then check to make sure everything worked. It worked beautifully, then I took the radio and harnesses and proceeded to solder my connections for stability/ longevity. Use lots of flux and have the solder 'flow' onto the wire connections, then wrap in electrical tape.

Here, the connections are completed and taped. Can you do this with crimp connectors or taping after twisting the wires together? Sure, but this is better as far as I'm concerned.

OK, we're ready to install everything in the car. First, remove the plastic gray colored covers at the bottom sides of the stereo stack- I used the trim removal tools to do this, then remove the 2 screws hidden by the covers, and slide the plastic black and silver (upper) cover downward. Then take off the HVAC knobs, remove the 2 screws, pull the HVAC plate toward you, and disconnect the clock plug. Actually this is all very easy. Take out the ashtray and remove the 2 10mm bolts as well. This will free up the radio for removal.

Here's some excellent instructions for removal of the radio online with photos:

Anyway, here's a pic of the large connector that will directly connect with the harness provided by Crutchfield:

The smaller connector wasn't used as I have door speakers only- if you have rear speakers, it gets used.

Now it's just a matter of putting it all back together:

And up close:

Mic installation for the BT phone:

So how did it turn out? Actually, beautifully- the sound is fantastic, it connects directly to my phone via BT, and I can use either Pandora or the iPod function of my iPhone for music. There's a wire in the glovebox for a USB connect, so you can use a thumb drive or your iPod/iPhone if you use a USB to iPod 30 pin connector wire, but BT works so well, I'm not sure I'll use it. It will display track data if your using a direct connection, but not with BT. The BT phone works very well, and all the phone data is displayed when making or receiving calls.

By the way, the USB connection is in the back and the face of the radio can be quickly detached for security. The BT mic also plugs in the back, and I ran the mic and wire to the top of the steering column, so I speak directly into the mic. All wiring is extremely well hidden.

I'll be posting my old OEM radio in truly mint condition with the iPod Blitzsafe adapter and a Scosche remote on the sales thread in case anyone is interested.

Thanks for watching.

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Very nice write up. Good soldering job and great choice in a headunit. Pioneer is one of the only few good brands out there in terms of variety, reliability and overall good sound. Alpine and sad to say Eclipse has not lived up to the quality they once had. Actuall most of the manufactures out there have gone down hill since everything is being made in China.
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