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new Headlights

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is $141.89 Each for new head lights about the lowest price that i am going to fiend for a new set , Thank Frank
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141$ sounds really low, is that for the whole headlight or just the replacement lens?
by the way

i am talking about 2000 mr2 head lights , Thanks !
For used headlights that sounds about right. Threw me off on your first post you saying new headlights.
yes new set

from holleywood toyota
Excellent price for new, don't think you'll do better than that!!! Had gotten a quote from my local dealer (in canada) and they were 450$ each. Got my retired parents to pick up some new ones in florida for a lot better price (not nearly good as 141$ though) while down there with their motorhome.
i think illget a set

i think its about $330 total with the shipping , for me.
You could even piece together a hard top from that site. Although it would probably be cost prohibitive. The 03+ tail lights look like a decent price as well, and the 03+ air vents are already painted stock colors.
Conicelli Toyota, use coupon code "partznet10" during the month of May, you'll get both housings under $300 shipped. Or add $30 more to your order (total $350) and use code partznet15 and get it all for about $300 shipped. :)
That's more in line with what I paid for mine, the msrp part.
would you take $282 L&R shipped to 19136?
noobs will always be noobs
It really boggles my mind that reading has become a secondary skill.

How do people know what they're buying at the store?

What about a subtitled movie, or even subtitles in a movie?
Lol damn that's embrassing I should have read the whole thing..... No excuse noob mistake.
Lol damn that's embrassing I should have read the whole thing..... No excuse noob mistake.
Haha at least you can come back and laugh at yourself. Damn that's low, I really want to find a good set of 03s for my spyder.
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