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Hello All,
Just wanted to introduce myself. My name is Adrian and I live in SoCal. I just got a 2001 Spyder. I traded in my 1991 MR2 Turbo for it. My MR2 actually had a lot of mods and was very fun but I needed something newer and I also own a superchared NSX so the Turbo MR2 was obsolete.

This car will be my DD which is a job my MR2 Turbo was to rough for. My other cars also include and CRX and a Honda Fit Sport.

While I had regret on the trade at first I am starting to appreciate the Spyder on where it shines and that is the handling. Stock motor is super week but a swap and suspension work I can see how this can be a good road car. I think I will enjoy this car as much as I did the Turbo.

My Spyder on left and NSX on right

My NSX and MR2 Turbo that I will REALLY miss


Honda Fit Sport

I hope I make some new friends here.
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