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Welcome to Spyderchat!

If you are feeling 20 years late to the party, here is an unofficial little starter kit I have been putting together:

Some fun history and facts:
It all started with Spyder Magazine. Still some great articles there for DiY to this day.

Here is a neat 2007 Top Speed Article featuring the design philosophies, specs, and features of the vehicle.

Buyers Guides:
Don't miss Oldman's Buyer's guide in the Library.
Another good Compendium

See attached Parts List pdf. Always a great place to start, and I typically buy from these main Toyota OEM direct/wholesalers.

Toyota Direct
Toyota Parts Overstock
Toyota Parts Deal
EB Toyota Parts

Welcome to the Toyota ZZ family! Generally great little engines. Watch for oil consumption when driven at consistently high RPMs. This is noted in the owners manual.

Power steering system; Toyota doesn't make the fluid recommended anymore. Really smart people at SpyderChat did the oil analysis to determine the best substitute here. I went with the Nissan E-PSF. The reservoir is under the frunk plastic and often neglected.

Don't Forget:
Replace Air Filter, Clean your MAF, Reset your ECU, as it increases HP!

Other Notes:
Toyota added the front spoiler (below) sometime in 2001 as a OEM aero fix to help keep the front more planted and lessen any "wandering" at highway speeds. (part# 76851-17070) It's widely recommended around SC.


Good luck and sweet car!


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