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I saw a 2000 MRs, silver w/black accents (some carbon geegaws), nice body, super-clean red/black interior, rag top with no major issues, new tires, one of those stiffener thingies across the struts over the engine, some in the front, and underneath....prolly (obviously) a bunch of other stuff which I know nothing about, VVTI emblems and other things. Doesn't look beat. Had the manual 5 spd..

46,000 miles and asking $9,995 w/ some room to wiggle, so the man said. He bought it at auction in Milwaukee.

The dealership was "Select Motorcars" on Rt 34 (1513 Ogden Avenue) in Downers Grove South across from the Steak and Shake.

Call Brad Skoog @ 630 963-9800 and ask him for details. Even though he knew I wasn't buying, we yacked for an hour about everything in general. Nice guy.

If I didn't already own one, I would be interested in this one.

Tell him you saw it on SpyderChat- he seemed very interested in fan websites for "our affliction"!
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