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I recently broke my stock C-56 transaxle so I have these items for sale.

These prices are all shipped with paypal

OEM Flywheel $75 119k (with bolts if you want) - It needs resurfacing. I decided to get an new OEM just because I don't want to chance tearing it down again for a long time.

ACT HD Pressure Plate $100 19k miles - It is salvageable and I could've went with the street disc for drivability but dropped my torque too much so I went XT Full Face with PP this time. The shown ACT HD 6 Puck Unsprung Disc is questionable and I don't want to be responsible for selling a bad part. It may be ok but I'll include it for an extra $15 to cover shipping weight/paypal.

OEM Radiator $80 - 119k miles with no issues. I just wanted a Koyo while I was doing maintenance.

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