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Hey all.

In an effort to expand our dyno database, we're trying to get a baseline for stock vehicles with zero modifications. No CAI, factory exhaust, no axle back mufflers, stock ecu/stock ecu flash...ect.

We're offering half price for 3 power pulls with A/F plot at $30.00 for the first stock car of any given model to hit our database. These can be really any car that you want to get dyno tested with the only stipulation being you're bone stock, in good running condition, and we don't already have a stock car of that model already in the database. It is a brand new 4WD dynojet 424xLC2 with the Linx option, so we can accomodate virtually any vehicle.

Obviously you would have to make the trip out to our facility here in Sealy, TX.

This is a fantastic deal, especially for anyone looking for a baseline before trying out various mods or whatnot.

For any questions you can e-mail us at [email protected] or call Jason (our shop manager) at (832) 421-7422

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