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Car Vehicle Tire Vehicle registration plate Wheel

Automotive parking light Vehicle Car Grille Vehicle registration plate

Vehicle Car Hood Motor vehicle Automotive design

Wheel Car Tire Vehicle Hood

Automotive parking light Car Vehicle Automotive side marker light Wheel

Wheel Tire Car Vehicle Motor vehicle

Car Vehicle Motor vehicle Speedometer Steering part

Vehicle Wheel Automotive tire Motor vehicle Automotive design

Automotive tire Hood Crankset Motor vehicle Automotive design

2003 Silver Streak Mica, SMT.. Southeast Toyota delivery new with SET options. Way more mods swaps and start overs then I can describe over the last 20 years
Car Land vehicle Vehicle Hood Automotive tire

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I'm a bit staggered. An original owner! The car looks amazing 🤩. Maybe one day I will stop cutting holes in mine and put a print out of yours on my wall showing what it should look like.

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Can you tell me about your hood a bit?

I have a fiberglass SpyderDan hood languishing in storage, but I'm all about spares, so I've been window shopping..

I have coco mats in my spyder. Remember those?
I do! They're still around. I'd love some wool mats from them sometime, but maybe that'd be a bit too much (actually, sheepskin would be worse..). I don't necessarily have any cars that are not multiple duty, or not going to get greasy messy.
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