Hey all, In the pursuit of a off the shelf solid mount big wing pylons we had two designs in mind. The through bumper for the track dedicated and the over bumper for those not willing to cut into or mount any support to the body of the car. We are in the final phase of the through bumper and all signs are looking good to have this as a robust solid option and the laser cut set is on it's way currently. It will be getting independently tested by a gentleman in Texas and then go up for sale on the website officially after testing. The over bumper option after setting up got either way to expensive or intrusive as far as bracing goes to be worth the shop hours to finish and build jigs for. However it will be available on the site to purchase right now as a DIY kit. If one person is willing to document the install e-mail me and I'll gladly knock off $50 for your time. After meeting with my engineer friend we have a list of options for bracing that I would gladly share if you want to have some brainstorming going on. Thanks everyone! [email protected] MR2 Spyder Big Wing Pylons Outside Bumper | Stingwray R-M LLC