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Are usually drive my spyder every day. But since we had A crazy amount of rain in the DFW area for about a week I left it park and drove the SUV.

So I was having multiple engine codes when I first started up the car didn’t know what was going on. Maybe I flooded the ECU.

So any how the engine light was flashing.
It’s through a cell at bank one and two.
So generally I’m the village idiot that likes to throw money at it
I did the telecar with my mechanic since we are quarantine in Dallas basically.

He told me to switch the coils around and sure enough I got a different code P3001 and P3002.

So I call my parts manager up at the dealership and got 2 Ignition coils for $75 bucks piece and went to autozone picked up spark plugs.

I’m usually mechanically inclined, but the older I get gravity weighs me down.
So I put in the New spark plugs two of them were really bad.
And put in the 2 new ignition coils.

My car ran great when I test drove it around the block until I did a sharp turn and it died on me.

Now the whole time I’m on Tele car with my mechanic.
We can not figure out why it would just die so I switch the coils back again and puttered it all the way back to the house.

I called my parts manager and order some fuel injectors because I like jumping the gun

So my mechanic told me to mark all the ignition coils with an alphabetical letter.

I made sure the two new ones didn’t have any letters on them.
Finally figured out it was just 1 bad ignition coil

Now here comes the stupidity.
The reason why the car died when I was testing it out around the block at high speeds and when I turned it completely died.
My numb forgot to tighten one of the Ignition coils tight so it popped out.

Basically a word to the wise don’t throw money at your car try to figure it out the problem first.

And most importantly make sure you tighten everything up

After that no more codes or anything. It ran 100 times better


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Bad running in wet weather is characteristic of high voltage flashover. These cars have only the one high voltage component, so that is one thing that has been simplified for us.
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