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Photoshop request please

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Hey everyone, my other laptop with photoshop installed on it is in repair right now and i wanted to see what my car would look like with black rims, if anyone can help me get an idea of what she will look like before hand I would be extremely grateful and buy you a beer (catch is only if you live in hawaii;)), heres a link to my pic thread , thanx in advance for any takers:D
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I pretty much suck at photoshop, but here's my stab at it.
If you suck at spraypainting, you can probably make your car look just like the photo. :p

Oh yeah, I darkened the whole wheel - not just the rims.

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im supposed to be studying... but one of my finals tomorrow is ICS and were supposed to know how to use photoshop. but we dont need to know that for this final. so i did a quick bad chop so you can get a feel for it until someone good at photoshop can do one well.

edit: wow... he did a better one so much faster... im so ashamed...
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Ha, I thought the first picture was of my car! Look at my car if you want to see black rims, almost the same visually.

I obviously approve of your taste. :cool:

I love my black rims btw, (TR Motorsports C1 15X7 front, 15X8 rear). I think they look awesome with the hardtop.
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Bada** everyone!, thats exactly what i wanted and more!, both photochops were enough to convince me but to have an actual picture to go by is great, i guess some beer is in order here:lol:, it looks pretty tough/combat with the black shoes on the blue body, planning on getting some work meisters for daily and use the soon to be blacked out oz supperlegerras for race/track use because there 9.9lbs a piece, Thanx again everyone i really appreciate the quick support, @grip_guy, i guess youll get to see the new look in person whenever the few of us meet up one day:biggthumpup:
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