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Hi all,
I just purchased a pair of post facelift tail lights for my 2001 mr2 spyder. The post facelift tail light wiring harnesses have been discontinued from Toyota and are no longer available new. I attempted to put my pre facelift tail light wiring harnesses into my new post facelift tail lights and all but one of the bulb sockets for the housing fit. The one that doesn’t fit is the upper outside corner (rear turn signal). I managed to find a socket that does fit (although it doesn’t have the o-ring gasket) out of my parts stash. Problem is I don’t know what it came off of. And I only have the one. Has anyone else run into this? And been able to find a socket that will fit the post facelift housings? Or does anyone have a pair of post facelift tail light harnesses they would be willing to sell?
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here’s a picture of the new facelift tail light with the prefacelift wiring harness installed.

View attachment 95982

here’s a close up comparing the post facelift tail light to the socket on the pre facelift harness

View attachment 95983

here’s the mystery socket from my parts bin that fit. Unfortunately it isn’t a sealed socket and doesn’t have a gasket but the correct 7443 amber bulb fit and the pattern on the mounting tabs are the same.
There you go, confirmed.. took a little bit of shaving of the actual plug itself with the exacto knife but it fits nice and snug. When twisting it doesn't quite catch and lock at the OEM one but it's super snug and I've no doubts watertight.
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