If anyone wants these flares I wouldn’t mind ordering more and cutting them to the correct size and shipping them. It takes a lot of measurements and trimming to get right especially since these are made for a brz.

It took me 2 whole days to do and I could ship them ready to be bolted on with your choice of riv nuts and bolt color. My spyder is lowered about 3 inches and my wheel specs are 17x9 et 25 with a 15mm spacer in the rear. I have 245 35 17 tires so you can predict how they would look for your car.

The front could probably be repositioned where you need it to sit but the rear has the gas cap so it has to go where it is. Luckily it sits very low on my car so if yours isn’t lowered quite as much as mine it should still be fine.

Even though the flares look like they would rub I test drive the car through some serious bumps through construction and took some very fast turns and they don’t touch at all. Because I trim the inside of the fenders back for maximum clearance you can have very close fitment and be ok. I’d do all the work for $1500 shipped in the US with your choice of riv nut color (silver, gold, black, purple, green, red, blue)

Someone suggested rounding off the corners a bit in the front and rear which would flow a bit better, shouldn’t be too hard to do so if you would prefer that just let me know. The pictures with red lines show what could additionally be trimmed.