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That still puts the FR-S at the base of the RWD market and the car looks and is optioned much better.

The NC miata sucks. Ask me how I know.
I do not disagree with you on the pricing. It is almost exactly where I predicted. I love the looks of the car. It reminds me of the Datsun 240Z. It will look great lowered an inch and a half. But the car IS NOT optioned all that well for a 25K car. At least not with convenience items or creature comforts. Most econoboxes have more features. You are definitely paying for the "sports" in sports car. And you get an LSD.

I drove up to Detroit to see the car in person at the NAIAS. It is a nice car but there is just not enough there to convince me to sell my Spyder at this time. Just made me want a 2ZZ more. LOL.
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