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Rampage's Super White

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NOTE: If you read through this thread from start to finish then you will notice that it is a little disjointed and fractured. That is because my entire account was accidentally deleted by a moderator in the early months of 2015 and all my post were lost including this entire thread. The Administrators had to recover and replace all my post from archives. Unfortunately, all the post that other members made in this thread were lost. You will see some of them quoted in my responses. It makes the thread read a bit weird but I was just happy to see most of it restored. Thanks for reading!

I decided it was time for me to do a build thread on my 2000 Super White:

First, a little history; I decided that I wanted to buy a hard top Spyder in March of 2011 after having admired them for years. Originally, I wanted a Mica Blue but once I saw Casey's white hard top equipped car for sale on Spyderchat, I changed my mind. After a couple weeks of negotiation, I booked a flight up to Burlington Vermont and drove the car the 715 miles back to Ohio. It was a homecoming of sorts as Casey had bought the car in Ohio a year earlier.

The first mod was one of necessity. I opted not to purchase the Works wheels and BF Goodrich KDWs that Casey was running on the car. The car made the trip home on stock wheels and Blizzaks.........on June 30th. A week later, the 16x7 Moda MD13 wheels and the Yokohama 205/45-16 S Drives arrived and went on the car.

2012 look:

I also added the TRD front strut brace and adjusted the JIC Magic FLT-TAR coilovers. The TRD bar made a huge difference in the feel of the car.

The car already had the TRD rear strut brace and Che under chassis bracing.

I have continued to mod the car over the last 18 months. My goal has always been to build a MR-S the way that I believed that Toyota should have built it from the factory. Other mods:

Black cloth Celica GTS seats

LPX rear lip

LPX front lip

2ZZ and 6 speed swap done in April 2012. LR/DDP Header added September 2012

Genuine TRD exhaust with BFT

JNZ stainless steel catted downpipe with two O2 sensors

GT86 6 speed shift knob on TRD short shifter

The car came with the soft top gutted which saves weight and adds some much needed storage space under the hard top

That brings us to how it sits today posing for a few fashion shots:

The car now has the look that I wanted and has the performance that I dreamed it would. It is close to perfect for me. Future mods.........................................................................................................................?

New mods and updates: March-April 2013

Dev Demplator
Red painted calipers
Flat black Plasti-Dipped lower front bumper
Modified 1ZZ baffled oil pan
Ishihara-Johnson oil pick-up extension

Photo from the Tail of the Dragon April 13th 2013

New Mods 2014

FR-S Pioneer Head Unit
Padded leather door armrest
Padded leather center console armrest
2003+ Rear bumper inserts
2003+ Taillights
Corky's Breast Plate

One of my few pieces of pure BLING. Thought the engine bay needed a splash of color:

Photos from Tail of the Dragon SADAS XV April 2015

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I drove down to Orlando today to attend a Spyder meet and met a lot of nice people as well as seeing a friend who was, sadly, Spyderless today.

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Damn that thing looks super clean.
Thank you. I often get people asking me what kind of car it is. When I say, "A 20 year old Toyota", they cannot believe it. They think it must be something new that Toyota put out. :icon_wink:
This does not happen very often but the car apparently decided it wanted some TLC. I lifted the engine cover a few days ago and noticed what looked like oil or grease splatter on the top and side of the strut tower on the passenger side. Closer examination revealed this:

I have had this laying around from when I bought an axle to rebuild:

So after a couple hours on my back cleaning up grease and installing the boot kit it is all better:
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Clean up is the worst part ... did you change both boots while you were at it ?
Clean up is the worst part ... did you change both boots while you were at it ?
I had every intention of doing that but the boot in the kit for the outboard cv joint was hard as a rock. It did not feel right to me. It seemed like it was old. Also the bags in the kit with the clamps and c-ring were torn open and dirty. I am thinking that I may have gotten a kit that someone else had purchased and returned. I have had it for a couple years and never looked at it until now so there is no recourse for me other than never buying from there again. So I just replaced the inner boot with the nice pliable one and called it a day. If the other one goes then I know how to do it on the car now so it will go fairly quick.

Nice work!
Thanks for the tips. It helped.
Ha ... I hear the outer last twice as long as the inner anyways ... lol
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Meeting up with a Spyder buddy with Daytona International Speedway as a backdrop.
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Drove down to Orlando today for another Spyder gathering. Met some more new friends.
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These events down in Orlando just keep growing. The Spyder is being discovered by a whole new wave of enthusiast now that they are relatively inexpensive. Therefore, I keep getting to meet new people all the time that have fallen in love with the car.

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Yeah ... 10's a pretty good turn out anymore . We can't seem to get more than 2 or 3 to the Razorback Run .
Well, most these people live within an hour of Orlando. Some drive a bit further but it is nothing like driving 14-15 hours to Arkansas or even the 8 1/2 hours it takes to get to the Dragon meet. Plus they can go home and sleep in their own beds that evening.

I did talk to them about the 20th anniversary meet and some did say the want to go. Maybe this next Dragon meet will rival some of the early meets in car count.
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Looking back, boy was I wrong about the Dragon meet! Who knew that the world would be turned upside down since I made that last post. Instead of heading up to the Tail of the Dragon last weekend, my car has sat in the garage without moving for a month. I thought about taking it out for a quick drive a couple days ago when I had to go to the drug store but the battery was dead. That is the battery that was put in the car when I bought it in 2011 so I guess it is time to get a new one after almost 9 years.
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These events down in Orlando just keep growing. The Spyder is being discovered by a whole new wave of enthusiast now that they are relatively inexpensive. Therefore, I keep getting to meet new people all the time that have fallen in love with the car.

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Hopefully I can make it to the next annual meet. I'm in Hollywood, FL
The Orlando meets happen almost monthly. At least they did before the virus hit. Once that is over, I am sure they will start to happen on a fairly regular basis again.

Edit: My car is now 20 years old. It was manufactured in April of 2000 so it had a birthday last week. I am eating a huge piece of Devils Food cake with milk chocolate icing as I type this in honor of its birthday. I am going to get it a new battery as a birthday present because it sat for a month due the the corona virus and the 9 year old battery went dead.
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I was bored and tired of just seeing the car sit so I washed it and finally installed a set of Mongo wind deflectors that I purchased from Dave Schott. No more having bees and wasp bouncing off the outside mirror and hitting me in the face! Also, finally got a new battery. The car has only been driven about 20 miles since mid-March. As a high risk individual, I have to be extremely careful due to Covid-19 so my normal visits to car shows and events have been put on hold.

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I did an oil change and thorough inspection on the car even though it has only been driven a few times in the last year+ due to Covid. I am planning on cleaning off the dust and taking it to a meet in a couple weeks. Hopefully, there will be a good turn out and I can post some photos.
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The Spyder has done a lot of sitting in the garage for the last two years due to Covid. I am getting ready to move it back to Ohio so I can enjoy it on those SE Ohio roads that it was built for. Today I got to say goodbye to a lot of the friends that I have made in the last 7 years of living in Florida when I attended one of the Central Florida MR2 owners events in Orlando. There was a nice turnout with 34 Mr2s including 3 first gen, 16 second gen and 15 Spyders. A couple Miatas showed up too along with a AWD, turbo Camry.
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