Hey everyone! Just wanted to let everyone know that I have materials showing up to make 5 track bars. Materials started showing up yesterday and will complete Monday. This will be my last run like this as I'm shifting to the second step on the process and making bolt on options for the bar including wing pylons (going into testing next week) and a customizable rear tray/trailer for track days and general hauling. After this I will be doing group buys and single orders through the website only as I'm backed up on my jeep restoration and would like to have a "real" front splitter developed by the middle of spring so there is a lot going on in my little shop.. Thanks to Ben Lin and many others who have purchased and given feedback on the bar to help get it really refined and fitting perfect. This current version is over 1lb lighter then the factory crash bar. Thanks! Order here.. https://stingwray-r-m-llc.square.site/s/shop