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I finally had the time and motivation to write a short review on the MWR 1zz turbo kit.

Bearing in mind that I'm not a full-fledged expert on the subject of forced induction or engine performance in general I will however try my best to describe the installation and tuned aspect of the kit.

Unlike what was advertised by MWR the kit is not a complete bolt-on solution. I remember being advised by some of the members on this forum about this. But thankfully the additional work required was not difficult. There were a few issues with some fitments and support brackets for the exhaust.. Which was an easy fix. There was a AN hose fitting that was missing from the kit. Another issue was the stock oxygen sensor bungs (3 of them). There was nowhere to fit them on to the MWR piping and had to be custom fit by a machine shop.

I cant remember a few of the other minor issues that we had come across but all in all it was a relatively easy install for the experienced mechanics in the shop. Took 4 days or so to install the turbo kit a few more days for the clutch, Moroso oil pan, etc. They took their time I guess :)

The car started up with no hesitation. The base map provided for the Power FC was spot on and apart from some slightly rough idle the car drove pretty well. The exhaust was the best bit. I expected it to be loud.. But it was surprising mellow with a deep tone. I love it :)

You definitely feel the kick of the turbo and the increased power surge. This turbo kit was installed earlier this year in February without a dyno tune. I just got it dyno tuned on a Mustang dyno using the FC Datalogit. On the base mad the car produced around 165 rwhp. Final tune came back with 193 rwhp. I am quite happy with the numbers. Remember that this in peak summer heat (110+ F in the afternoon, 90+ F at night). I am yet to get a copy of the dyno sheet which I will post here later on.

Final results are: 193 rwhp/163 lb-torque @ 6400 rpm boosting at around 7 psi

The only thing that annoyed me before I installed the body kit was the rear mounted intercooler sticking out like a sore thumb.. Only solution would be painting it black with radiator paint and installing a body kit that would cover it up.

I just recently finished off my entire MR2 project and the car will star in a couple of magazine shoots, the Dubai International Motorshow and a stint on MTV Arabia. I'll post the final pictures of the completed car in another thread in a couple of weeks time.

Here are the performance-related parts that were installed on my 2003 MR2 Spyder with the various costs involved (they include shipping and labour):


Monkey Wrench Racing (MWR) Turbo Kit ($3,450):
- Labour cost installing turbo and all other parts – Panda Performance ($2,725)
- Dyno-tuned on Mustang Dyno by Panda Performance – 193 rwhp/163 lb-torque @ 6400 rpm ($822)
- Garrett GT28RS ball bearing turbo
- Stainless TIG welded turbo manifold (header)

- Complete 2.5" mandrel bent exhaust including stainless downpipe with flex section, chambered muffler and tail pipe

- Simota high flow air filter ($14)
- Mandrel bent black powder coated aluminum intercooler piping
- Large 12" x 18" x 3" thick rear mount intercooler
- GReddy Type RS blow off valve mounted on side of intercooler
- Top quality silicone couplers in Red (Vibrant Performance) and stainless T-bolt clamps
- All oil and coolant lines, fittings, hardware and clamps
- (4) NGK BKR7E Spark Plugs (Gapped 0.032”)

Blox Racing Manual Boost Controller ($75+25+164)
MWR Fuel Injectors 630cc HN ($313)
Cusco Polished Oil Catch Tank ($82)
Mobile 1 0-40 Engine Oil ($129)


Koyo Racing Radiator ($330)
MWR Oil Cooler kit ($415)
MWR Moroso Oil Pan ($430)
Toyota TRD 170F Thermostat ($19)
Rear engine rain-cover removed for increased cooling
Dynamat Hoodliner under engine hood ($82)


MWR 2.5" Turbo-back exhaust w/ DynoMax Chambered Muffler (MWR Turbo Kit)
MWR Hi-Flow CAT (MWR Turbo Kit)
MWR 2.5" Alu Intercooler piping (MWR Turbo Kit)


ACT HDSS Clutch ($385)
Speed Source Stainless-steel Clutch Line ($60)
Mobile 1 Gear Oil ($100)
Ralco RZ Short Throw Shifter ($60+40+27)


Apexi Power FC EMS + Commander ($775)
FC DataLogit for Apexi Power FC ($299+50)
HKS Type-1 Turbo Timer – Black ($130+32)


AEM 52mm Wideband A/F Ratio Digital EUGO Controller ($215+15)
ProSport 52mm Electrical Boost Gauge w/ Warning & Peak ($83+40+110)
ProSport 52mm Electrical Oil Pressure Gauge w/ Warning & Peak ($103+15)
ProSport 52mm Electrical Oil Temperature gauge w/ Warning & Peak ($73+15)
ProSport 52mm Electrical Water Temperature gauge w/ Warning & Peak ($73+15)


NRG Ground Wire system in Red ($50+) custom Billet Aluminium Dip-stick - Polished w/ engraved Red Dragon logo ($51) custom Billet Aluminium Battery Tie-down - Polished w/ engraved Red Dragon logo and lettering ($75) custom Billet Aluminium Oil Filler Cap - Polished w/ engraved Red Dragon logo ($35)
Vibrant Performance Red Silicone couplers for MWR turbo kit ($187+70)
Vibrant Performance Red Silicone Vacuum hose kit for MWR turbo kit ($41+3)


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your know ricky drive your spyder in dbn or anywhere close to sea level and then see how fun it is, i really hate the performance of my car now that i moved here the 1800m doesnt help, it feels like any other car now sadly

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Iv been want to take a road trip to durbs in the spyder, put the top down and just cruse to the coast:cool:. I agree the spyder is a different animal at the coast. SB we need a turbo kit just like Marvin's up here, start saving :lol:

Hay Marvin, what body kit and wheels have you picked for your spyder?

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wow no expense spared here........ are you one of those oil sheiks? lol^_^
Lol trust me u can't spare expenses in a hot country like this with limited tuning knowledge. There are literaly a handful of MR2s here.. maybe 4 or 5 in the entire country.

And no I've yet to even meet an oil sheikh lol. If I were one I would install a race built turbo-charged K20 honda engine with all the bells and whistles :p
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