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Hi all, great forum have been sifting through stuff and learnt a lot.
I put off having a build thread as I have with cars in the past as I am quite busy with work and my daughter etc
but as I get closer to completion I have found how much I appreciate having something to look back on in the future and
how much I enjoy comments from others that may help encourage me or give me advice on how I can build the car better.

So anyways I will try and keep it short and sweet.

This is the last car I built which I used for about 15 years.
It had a 3sgte from an ST205 that I converted to RWD. It was front mid mounted etc.
Too many things to talk about without going into detail but videos can be found on this channel

I sold it has having a car that lived on a trailer, that couldn't be used on the street (even if it could I would probably lose my license in 20 mintues)
was just getting too much of an issue as I get older and had a child etc and was almost impossible to use it.

So I made an excel spreadsheet with all factors of what I want in a car, from price, reliability, performance, ease of maintenance and building etc
and filled it up with all sorts of cars and ranked them for each category. Everything from Lancer EVOS FD RX7, Toyota JZX90/100/110 etc, AE86 (i used to have one)
etc and the MRS had the highest average and came out on top. I had never given them much thought otherwise but decided to go down that path and move
from a drift type build into a grip type build and it was a fresh direction that made me excited to work on cars again for the first time in years.

So I bought a zzw30 from this guy down south in Byron Bay and it wasn't perfect but it was cheap. The motor was shagged, soft top was shagged etc but I got it for 1800 dollars and picked it up.

So went through all the motions of 2zz vs K motor vs 3sgte vs 2arfe.

One of the key things I wanted over outright performance was just a good reliable setup with as many variables in my favor as possible.
All the K motors I found were either, outrageously expensive for a red top with good gearbox with LSD etc and those that I found were getting up there
in the Km's or MILES as you call it. Most of those miles would have been pretty hard too id say coming out of a civic or integra type r

All the 2zz I could find were flogged out and I think even if they were mint its not enough power

Thought about 2gr but I wanted the car to stay balanced in handling and I think its potentially too much power and weight and torque such that
i would run into other problems that need rectifying

So I went with a 2arfe setup using Marcs conversion parts from Frankenstein Motorworks. His communication has been great and the qualilty of the parts
that turned up were great. The guides for stuff like CVs and Wiring have been super easy to read.

Everything has been good so far the only issues I have had have been
1 - Wiring loom
The wiring loom on my motor from an ASV50 in Australia was useless from the get go because the wrecker I bought the motor for had chopped off all the main plugs
needed for the swap. I later learnt also that the ECU plugs were different from the A35 etc type that is used on the Scion TC motor. I was able to get a whole brand new loom
from toyota in the states for not too much money which was good and it was nice working with a fresh loom.

2 - LSD
Upon starting the build I thought the OS Giken LSD would be an expensive thing but my drifting past the thought of owning a car without an LSD is sheer bolshevism.
It would take about 20 paragraphs to tell the story of the LSD, but I have one in my hand and its in the process of going into the box now.

3 - Gearbox
Although my gearbox was really nice, because in Australia we don't get the EB60 or the EB62 I was forced to use an EB61. Which comes from a 2WD Toyota Rav4.
Which is fine, but it has some differences. Mainly the front housing of the box, so I ended up getting a whole new front housing for a toyota zelas from Abu Dhabi.
I was suprised that the front housing came fully fitted with all the seals and everything (i had already purchased them expecting it to be bare...)
With this in mind, If I had to do it again, or if someone from Australia is reading this thinking of doing the swap. I would just buy a whole new EB60 trans from the states and ship it over. Theyre not too badly priced and the freight sucks but its not too bad. Also the Rav4 box has 4.6 ratios and the camry/scion boxes have 4.06 i believe. So it might end up being great or terrible. But will be quite short. I dont intend on doing heaps of open road k's so am looking forward to it.

4 - Cage
When I ordered my cage from AGI it came with a fault on the front legs and the windscreen bar was really low, such that I had to ship it back and get a new front half.
They were gracious, paid for freight, admitted fault and supplied a new front all in a reasonable amount of time. Such that I would still 100% recommend them to someone buying a cage and im sure my issue was an isolated incident to some extent, but still at the end of the day it was a pain in the arse putting it in and taking it out and re packing it for freight etc.

5 - Seats
I bought some Civic type R fn2 seats to fit the car, they ended up being absoluetly insanely heavy. Like 30kg each and they simply didnt fit. They hit the roof when tilted and pushed against the cage really hard. I ended up with some OMP reclinables that are 12kg each and only JUST hit the roof when on Planted seat rail bases. I am semi thinking about figuring out my seating position then taking the seat sliders out and rigid mounting them to the floor to get the extra 20mm or so clearance and just make it lighter and simpler. Maybe just the drivers seat. See what happens down the line.
Anways Ill let the pics do the rest of the babble.


I had a left over "twinky" wheel left over from my ae86 that i restored with hammer tone etc and fitted.

The wheels I ended up with, I found someone selling them "used" on yahoo but were actually brand new in boxes and got a good price

The car after i got it home and unboxed the hard top, its just resting on here and not fitted (needed different mounts to work around cage)

Picture makes the paint look better than it is (its terrible)

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Where the motor came from (asv50)

Rogue Motorsport mounts for hardtop

Fitted a Trd type 2 front bar and lights

LSD + Marcs Aircon bracket which uses factory zzw30 AC compressor on 2arfe

Shockworks Coilovers, very nice units, might be able to see whiteline swaybars in pics


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Finished loom as per Marcs instructions, one of my most hated things is fitting an engine then spending god knows how long figuring out the wiring, with marcs
kit I am so excited to be able to feed the loom through the firewall plug it all up and fire up the pipes.

Three pedals now and shifter installed, shifter now has rigid mounts and feels great way less slop. Drive by wire is new for me but
its pretty cool not running a throttle cable anymore. Neatens things a bit.


Brand new loom

New headlights

Tyres fitted up

Soaked with warm laundry liquid and then pressure washed 20 years of yuck out

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Moved battery up front, was going to go small racey battery but decided to keep it cheap and easy and usable as a road car.

Almost brand new box from a rolled rav4

Safety switch for main power feed might make an immobiliser to some extent

Replaced the ciggy plug with a hi output usb outlet (3a each) for charging phones and what not

Moved horn to the dash on a button as i took out the old clock spring


skirts and front bar from the mother land
all the interior is back together now and stereo trim etc all fitted
just need to do seat belts etc

not too far off running and driving more pics as they come

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got the box back yesterday so can progress with getting the motor in etc.
Note new front housing on lsd in.
I had a look at the original diff center and onoy travelling 1200kms it appears brand new cant even tell its been used so will be a nice shifting unit.

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I have not, but as a new diff went in and it had a whole new front housing the shims were out for everything. My gearbox chap is very very good, he is internationally renown and is often flown to the USA to repair drag car diffs and gearboxes etc. He does everything by feel and doesn't use factory specs (they could well be the same).
He has done my TRD 2 ways in the past in my T and F series diffs in my corollas and ae86 etc that have had huge abuse and zero incident for over a decade.
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