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Scion(Pioneer) Radio/CD T1806 player HU I have will ONLY play the CD if I turn the car off and on with the CD already in it. Radio works fine and it has no disk error statements.
It won't play the CD if I switch it to radio then back to CD player,change disks, nor if I power off the radio and turn it back on with its switch. It must be something goofy in the wiring voltages or amperages, where a engine start is triggering a reboot and a power-on is just waking it up, or something along those lines. I plugged in a Scion T1807 HU and the same thing happened with it, too.

Q: What is different about car start-up power being sent to the unit and with the Power-on voltage at the unit's switch from the HU's point of view?

Somehow the power wires must be sending wierd signals to the sensitive electronics in the HU, but how? Would the radio noise filter on the power line somehow adversely affect the power to the unit, perhaps via the ground wire?

To me, it is all just 12v, or Gnd. On or Off. My HU is seeing shades of gray. Has anyone else here experienced this? Or knows enough about electronics to know why this quirk is happening? Or do you have a brainy friend you can forward this to, who might know the answer?
Then the question is: How do I find and test what might be wrong? How do I fix it? help!
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