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Hi Guys,
I've building my track MR2 for a while now and today the cars seems more or less ready for racing weekend (this weekend) but as I go deeper into details (not only from from posts on Spyderchat) the more concerned I am. The main spec as of today is:
K20 swap with 281hp
quaife sequential 5speed gearbox
rollcage, bucket seat etc
Powertrix coilovers currently 4/6k
Superpro rear swaybar
17/8 front rim + 210/610/17 yokohama slick
17/9 rear rim + 230/610/17 yokohama slick
and few other minor improvements

Already had few hours on the track and first impressions are ok but as for now it is not much quicker than my other racetrack car (CTR EP3). Obviously reserves are mostly on my side as I need to get more confident in a rwd car but the car itself is quite unpredictable and almost undriveable in the wet.
Did a lot of research but as said before, the more I read the more confused I become, so to start with few questions:
1) what spring rate F/R do you recommend? Japanese racers suggest soft front (5-8k) and stiff rear (12-16k) but I've read opinions saying otherwise.
2) stiff swaybar only on the rear axle? Japanese guys say front should be soft and rear stiff as otherwise the car is too dangerous. From my understanding the stiffer the rear the bigger the tendency to oversteer but on the other hand that makes the front more precise. What do you think?
3) OEM brake setup with EBC bluestuff front and Yellowstuff rear and ABS seemed ok but pads wear very quickly and after few hot laps some fade occured. I have all the necessary parts for front BBK swap (Clio 3 brembo calipers, Ferodo ds 2.11 pads, 305mm rotors, brackets), do you think that swapping to that is a good idea? Won't it ruin the balance?
4) what about alignments? Again, Japanese racers suggest -3 camber front and -5 on the rear. I only tried -3 front and -2 rear.

Will hugely appreciate opinions from you guys, especially those who have practical experience with that.

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