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Hi all, I thought I share this with you. I had no camera when I did the job, so no pictures, but I hope you understand
Part numbers I´m refering to are shown here

When I bought the car last year, the gear shift was not as good as I was hoping for. For a trackday car it was worse than hell. First it was very hard to shift, it took too much effort to get into gear. If it were precise then it would have been OK, but it was also hard to find the right gear.

First things first:
Why it was hard to change gear - the linkage on gearbox end was stuck, especially this part: 33580‑17010
After some greasing it was free to move again. Now the gear change was just sloppy

To the serious part:
The sloppyness came from 3 places - the shifter cage, shift cable bushings and this part 33557‑17010 (it says dust cover, but it´s more like a bushing)
I replaced the shift cable bushings with spherical plain bearings I found from local bearing store. They were something like this
On top of the bearing I put a 8mm and on top of that the original big washer. Also replaced this part 33557‑17010 - it made a big difference with gearshift right to left movement.

Inside the cabin:
Center console removed, I could see that there was a lot of play in the shifter base bushings
The shifter base bushings are just rubber bushings with a metal part going inside from the bottom. The bolts and washers just sit on top of the metal parts and the rubber holds the shifter cage in place.
To make it stiffer all I had to do was to cut 2mm off from top of the metal pieces, so the rubber gets squeezed more between the bolts.
After that there was no freeplay in shifter cage anymore.

Just for the record, I made the shifter cage sit higher by taking longer bolts and putting 50mm spacers under the cage. Now the gear knob is 50mm higher and if I want to make a short shifter all I have to do is cut the lever and find some aftermarket knob.

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