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Location: Richmond VA
Price: $sold-6k

175k chassis mileage
2005 Matrix 2ZZ engine 139k miles
Moroso oilpan with fumoto drain valve
1ZZ harness professionally modified for 2zz swap
2000 Celica GTS ECU
Lotus Engine cover
Maxbore throttle body with stock cable pull
03+ C66 LSD transmission, 83k miles. Essentially from MikeV but purchased from someone who bought it from him and never installed it
MWR items to complete the swap, engine mount, coolant caps, dipstick tube
XTD clutch, flywheel, pressure plate
Solid shifter base bushings
Spherical bearing shift cable bushings
TRD front strut bar
Kirk mount inserts
Megillan Motorsports midship brace/bar
Fortune Auto generation 6 510 series coilover upgrade from original group buy
90/100w Hella headlight bulbs
Chongo's wind deflectors
Dev's keyhole covers
Dev's door bushings
Cyclehead armrest (matches top)
Anitgravity LiFePO4 lithium battery

MAINTENANCE items for those interested
2zz swapped 05/2017 oil starve/rod knock in 04/2018
2zz re swapped 06/2018, new gaskets, Toyota oil filter, water pump, new lift bolts
Original black top replaced in 07/2017 with an original tan top from a green 01 with 25k miles, usually stored under a hard top. It's in very good shape for it's age but not perfect. It mildew stains easily here in swampy Virginia.
New alternator, o2 sensors, plugs 05/2017
CV inner boots and grease replaced
New brakes 09/2018, SS lines, new calipers, pads, and rotors
Ebrake cables replaced in 2011
New windscreen 04/2019
Tires in late 17/early '18
Advan AD08R rear
Bridgestone RE71R front 205/50/15
oil change 5w-40 T6 September 2019

Windshield cowl
Steering column clamshell plastic
Polyurethane suspension bushing set.
Spare tire cover doesn't fit with the TRD bar but I have it. One of the latches is broken but I have a spare.
Stock airbox
Twosrus front swaybar endlinks
Original 1zz ECU. I have one master key that is paired with it.
Box of various Spyder / Toyota parts and pieces
Two towhooks

EXTRA$$ below can be included based on price or negotiation

Extra full set of 01 wheels. Tires are usable. Two have great tread but all four are all seasons that I wouldn't choose to run on the Spyder. I use them on my Prizm in the summer so they don't sun rot year round.
AEM EMS4 standalone engine control unit with connector kit
I never got around to installing this as I wanted to build(and am 100% capable of doing) a new engine harness from scratch for it but, life happens you know?

I bought 'Spidey' as named from a guy in NOVA, it was his first car, high school and college, about 7-9 years depending on how you want to slice it. It died of oil starvation as it was drinking oil due to ring clogging. He and his dad had basic maintenance and repairs done to it but that's about it. The original engine locked up shortly after an oil change and they thought the shop botched the job. There are two owners before him that I don't know anything about. Anyway, he bought a Lotus Elise (nearly the same color) shortly after and I picked up the Spyder from him not running.
I planned to just replace with another 1zz from a newer Corolla, but a cheap 2zz popped up and I snagged it. I began collecting extra parts for the swap and had it done in about 2 months of my spare time. Added a C66 6-speed to the notable list of parts.

I work at a performance wiring shop and did the wiring harness modifications myself. Quality crimp connections, new wire, repinning, etc. It is easily reversible back to a 1zz with working immobilizer if desired. Not plug and play but very far from hacked up. Modular is a good descriptor, I can answer your questions.

After the car was up and running I took it to a few autocrosses, asking a local suspension place to build coilovers for it, replaced the convertible top, installed the midship brace and tried out some koni 2-step coils for a month.

I went to Bear mountain 2017, SADAS 2018, Bear mountain 2018 ( +went up to NH for a work conference the same weekend) and SADAS 2019. The 2zz suffered rod knock at SADAS '18 and I towed the car 8 hours back home, and finished replacement of the 2zz a few months later.

I replaced the drivers side fender as it was shabbily repainted the newer silver color 1E7. The drivers side 1/4 panel is dented, I have yet to find a suitable replacement for it after years of passively searching, and haven't bitten the bullet on a PDR kit just yet. Over it's previous ownership, he had a roommate, his family, and a few others give the car some street scars and was hit once while street parked. The LR knuckle was replaced but the 1/4 panel remained dented. The car drives and tracks straight, aligns straight too.

The paint and body is in overall fair shape. Rock chips on front bumper, hood, some clear coat peeling on the bumpers, and the 1/4 panels have been floor jacked a few times unfortunately. Door dingies, scuffs.

This car is the prototype vehicle for the Fortune Auto coilover group buy. Things could have gone much smoother than they did, but I'm happy with the results. It has a beta set of coilovers on the car, and they've been shocktuned to the weight of the car, and also sport a 510 series damper upgrade. They're a $2300 (retail) set of adjustable coilovers. The high speed damping on these are really nice and together with the strut and midship bar, transforms the handling aspect while also being comfortable. If using it on the track is in your future, spring upgrades to 6k/8k or 8k/10k are very easily accepted for with the quality dampers.

The car is solid, lots of small detail parts replaced that I can go over with to anyone who shows up. A/C works for the most part and blows colder than any other car I've owned. I've got 3 keys that work in the doors, glovebox, storage bins and ignition, 1 of which that is master coded to the 1ZZ ECU that is included. 2 keyfobs included. The car has NO check engine lights at all and will pass safety inspection easily. It will pass a plug-in emissions test ( NOT CA ).

I'm pricing the car at $6000, available for sale through March 2020. I think it's fair considering the amount of detailed work and sweat poured into the car over the past few years, also keeping in mind the mechanical and cosmetic condition of the car.

Location is otherwise Richmond, VA. I am able to meet you at Richmond Int'l Airport (RIC) for you to inspect, fly and drive sale. I still drive the car (I went to SADAS this year) so it is 100% turn key driveable condition.

Some personal life choices have cropped up in my life that lead me to sell the Spyder. I love driving this thing and it easily handles better than anything I've driven, street or track (with the exception being HeelToeHeroEric's k20 spyder). I have several other expensive hobbies and I need to consolidate while I restructure life priorities, both time and expenses.

I will continue to support wiring products for the Spyder, as well as provide best pricing on Fortune Auto coilovers to those interested. I had plans to build it into a 2AR swap, but I will resort to helping others complete their swaps in whatever way I can help Marc. I will return one day as a MR2 owner, many of us do. I've had 3 mk2's, a short break, and this is my first Spyder.

FUEL MILEAGE: 2zzspyder (Toyota MR2 Spyder) | Fuelly
This Spyder achieves 40MPG 100% highway at 74mph with the a/c on. This figure is 25mpg around town/errand runs, the average I usually see is 28-33mpg.

from over the years. The most current pictures reflecting the car's current condition are dated April/May 2019. I can take more upon serious inquiry.

2001 Spyder MR2 2ZZ C66 LSD Fortune Auto 510


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Yup still going this weekend.

I cruised around today after work with a friend, he was impressed. It impresses me too some days.

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Still available and added some photos from the past few months, reordered photos. Have a binder of receipts (that I will be converting to digital in the next week)

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Sorry to hear you need to move on...been there, done that(2 Spyders and an MKII this point in time, keeping my 3rd Spyder/2zzC60 swap car)!
It was a pleasure meeting you last year at the Spring Deals gap best to you!

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Hi, I'm very new to the scene, and I'm looking to purchase my first Spyder.
I'm Interested In your vehicle, do you still have It available? My name Is Michael, you can text me @ 727-458-0207
Thank you so much!

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Still for sale. Texts and emails sent out. I think it's almost at 173k nearing time for an oil change, t6 full synthetic and toyota filter ready but not sure that I will be able to get to it. I won't be available next week until September or later.
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