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  • Toyota 1ZZ Spyder exhaust manifold gasket set, new, includes both head-to-manifold gasket and 2x donut gaskets. $25 shipped USA
  • 2ZZ Matrix/Corolla Throttle body, body only (no wheel, TPS, IACV, etc) SOLD
  • 2ZZ IACV, used but tested and clean, $40 shipped USA
  • Honeycomb intake pipe (custom) - Toyota/Subaru MAF fitting, 8" long, 3" O.D. 2-3/4" I.D. $65 shipped/USA
  • 2ZZ Valve cover, light-blue textured powder-coated, hasn't been used since coating - $65 shipped/USA (pardon the dust in the photo, it's been sitting in the garage for a few years)
  • 2ZZ (??? look at the measurements) belt tensioner arm. I don't have either a 1ZZ or 2ZZ around to check, but it looks like a 2ZZ to me. SOLD
  • Not-quite-swap harnesses (3):
    • Swap harness that had been modified to wire in a J&S Safeguard, I will include a new connector for the VVTL and oil pressure sensor, needs 1/2 hour of work to be made perfect again ($120 shipped/USA)
    • Straight-through harness that has been cut, with a new ECU-side connector, plus 5 feet or so of heat shrink. $75 shipped/USA, I can add a connector set (2) for the VVTL solenoid and oil pressure sensor for $10. Probably about 2 hrs of soldering to make whole & perfect.
    • BrashBoy SMT to Apex'i PFC harness (runs the PFC in parallel with the stock SMT ECU). This is a rare beastie, for sure. Aside from its obvious use tune-able SMT for the brave), it has the parts to make 1-1/2 swap harnesses or an SMT-to-whatever-you-want harness.SOLD

Photos - 1ZZ, 2ZZ parts
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