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Spyder Audio, head unit, door speakers, and subs finished

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Spyder Audio: head unit, door speakers, and custom sub box finished

I had an idea for audio when I first got the Spyder, but this is the first audio project that I was able to start and complete fully. Feels good marking things off of the check list. Especially the big ones.

Back story - I put an after market head unit and speakers in my old car, lol and even though then it looked like I did it myself, it played my ipod. Not having an mp3 connection in the spyder hurt my feelings, and the lack of decent speakers did not help at all. Though some would say my 2000 song library music was small, my measly 20 cds I kept in the spyder were much smaller. I didn't have much, but I appreciated what I had...unitil one day the Spyder's cd player stopped working and terrible radio consumed my ears on a daily basis. The mainstream radio forced my hand at upgrading audio. I had no choice. Every time I checked my bank account it asked me why was I still listening to the same 5 terrible stations every day? I love music, I need music. I like driving. For me good music and driving go hand and hand, they compliment each other ridiculously well. There were far to many times I just had to shut the radio off and drive in silence because of poor music ruining my driving experience. Out of the 10 songs ALWAYS in rotation, I could only tolerate 3 and that was short lived. If I had to hear Adele one more time who knows what I would of done...

Well I know what I did. I upgraded the Spyders audio! And the right way this time. No half assed short cuts like before.

Head Unit: JVC KW-R500
Doors: Polk Audio DB6501 6.5-Inch 2-Way Component System
Subs: 2x JBL GTO804 Reduced Depth 8-Inch Subwoofer

started from scratch on the sub box of course

can't bore with the details, didn't take many pictures. couple of mdf boards too big to fit in the spyder, some sawing, and other bits later I finally thought to take the first picture. One box is finished at the top right of the screen.

2 boxes carpeted later, I remembered again to grab a picture or 2

How they sit inside the spyder

Cut the face, then the holes, attached my 2 boxes, and covered it up with some faux leather that matches the spyders intererior pretty well.

Sitting in functional. When it sits how it is supposed to there's no gap up top but it likes to sit a little bit differently because of the wires. Im working on a concealed fix but it's not that big a deal. When it sits, its fixed and doesn't budge. Its not permanently mounted for easy removal.

Close up, camera doesn't really catch how similar the texture is with the rest of the spyder.

NOTE: Wasn't concerned with taking pictures at the time, just wanted the project finished, pictures of door speakers are from amazon. But they are in there, and they are pretty nice too. Ordered the factory speaker harness when I ordered the speakers, made the job go fast. Connected new speakers to new harness. Harness to harness, job was done in less than 30 minutes, sounds great.

Head Unit

Night time

Day time, have the buttons set to stay orange to match spyder but I left the screen settings to slowly transition through random colors. Fades to something different about every 2 seconds but it looks nice.

Special thanks goes to dooz, whose post gave me the idea to make this box. stargazer30, a spyderchat noob who has probably long left these forums, but put it in my head to and how to make my own sub boxes, and killabespyder who helped me with the doors.

Now time to clean this car, long over due for a vacuum.
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You have to give credit to JVC's recent head units. They've come up with some real practical implementations of things that other mfgrs don't seem to grasp - I'm looking at you, Pioneer. I've always been loyal to Pioneer, but I tried a cheap JVC HU in the Focus I had for a while and it was pretty darn good. Their new Smart Remote thing for Android phones is kinda neat. Not sure I see a huge need, but it could solve a problem for some people.
behind drivers seat
The awesome panel with subs blinded me.
Looks pretty damn nice. One day I'll get around to upgrading the audio, I just wish I was more confident with removing panels and running wires. I'm sure the box in the storage bin sounds great, but I guess I'll never find out first hand, in a DD space is golden :biggthumpup:
Looks pretty damn nice. One day I'll get around to upgrading the audio, I just wish I was more confident with removing panels and running wires. I'm sure the box in the storage bin sounds great, but I guess I'll never find out first hand, in a DD space is golden :biggthumpup:
thanks. trust me removing the panels and doing the wire's is easier then it seems. it was only my 2nd time running wires in a car, first time installing an amp, and first time taking apart the spyder on the inside. the spyder has incredibly simple removable panels. just watch a bunch of youtube videos if you have doubts. honestly I didn't have the confidence to do it either, but I wanted it done without paying someone else hundreds. forced myself into action to get it done. if you can do some research, connect a few matching wires, and unscrew some screws its pretty easy, just very time consuming.
Thats pretty much cubic feet per volume for each sub? I don't have nearly enough for my two 10", thinking of reducing to just one 10" square Kicker.
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