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Spyder Part Unobtainable

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Hi everyone, we are new to Spyder Chat. We live downunder in Sydney Australia. We have owned our Spyder since 2000. Everything has been fine until last month...
Toyota service tells us we need to replace the HPU and the TCM. On the one hand quite expensive, on the other hand Toyota can only provide the TCM. They do not have an HPU anywhere.
Is this the end of the road for our beautiful car?
All suggestions welcome!
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Toyota service is wrong. They are always wrong. It’s like saying “you need a new car”. The TCU is (almost) never defective. The HPU is made of many components that can (almost) all be repaired. Take your car away from the Toyota people now. We can help you or a real mechanic find the problems and repair the car, instead of replacing everything in sight.
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Graham Barratt is an expert with the SMT system. He’s in VIC. For further help, post in the SMT subsection of the forum.
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Welcome aboard, and you could always do the manual swap! And listen to cyclehead, he knows his SMT stuff (y)(y)
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