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So I bought this car from Donnie last fall:

My plan was to take the car to STR, but progress to date basically amounts to:

I rolled the car off the trailer and into my garage.

I just agreed to buy a CSP Miata (that someone with motivation has actually already built/prepared ), so the Spyder needs to go.

I expect I'll be parting it out, but if anyone wants the whole shebang, I'll offer it up first (but will likely start parting soon).

The car is *not* running. It has the Speedwerks-built motor in it along with the rest of the driveline, but there's no ecu in it. It has the $6k Anze/Penske DA struts on it and the rest of the suspension is still what was on the CSP car. I also have the Hypercoil/Koni coilovers that were on the car when it won the championship (they have since been rebuilt and I believe have virtually no miles on them since then.) Race seats are in it and I don't have the stock seats. I have 2 sets of 13x8 Keizers for it (one bare set of wheels, one set with dirt stockers that are on the car).

There is an extra stock engine and tranny along with all of this stuff that I catalogged right after buying (except for the wheels, this is stuff *not* on the car):
2 sets Keizer 13x8, 4" backspacing

1 set of Keizers has 03 dirt stockers 205/60D13's

1 PPE 4 to 1 Header with 02 bung port

full set of stock springs

stock oil pan

4 front stock strut mounts, 4 rear

2 stock intake manifolds

2 1-dot, 4 2-dot crash bolts

8 flange bolts, 8 flange nuts, 6 washers

1 fitting

2 8" 375lb hypercoils

2 8" 400lb hypercoils with 1 cap

4 stock probably front brake pads pn540h-fg

2 mystery brake pads

apexi short ram cai

belt tensioner pulley

clutch fork

2 ground control swaybar bushings

aem air bypass valve

2 wiring harnesses, 1 very hacked

2 sets of stock springs

power fc + fc datalogit

2 camshafts

stock air filter

trd flywheel

clutch disc + pressure plate, likely stock

5 O2 sensors

10 apr lug studs

3 stock throttle bodies

2 stock ecu's (1 "misfire")

flywheel bolts

timing chain sprockets

odyssey battery

set of hypercoil/koni coilovers w/ camber plates

stock steering wheel

I did not buy the MoTec stuff that Donnie listed in the previous thread.

Anything you want that may be on or off the car, PM me and we'll see what we can work out.


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just to be clear...there is an entire car that I am parting out along with the parts I specifically listed in the original post
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